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Masters of Speed sees 49.09 knots clocked over a 500m course on the French trench

Wednesday March 5th 2008, Author: James Boyd, Location: France
French three times windsurfing world champion Antoine Albeau smashed today the 500 metre world record with an astonishing 49.09 knots (92km/h) on the Sainte Marie de la Mer canal in Southern France (subject to ratification by the WSSRC).

14 'Masters of Speed' had answered the call of wind earlier this week. With the Mistral gusting up to 60 knots on the canal, conditions were perfect and Finian Maynard's time of 48,70 knots seemed certain to be broken. Antoine Albeau did it on his second run of the day. "Conditions were rather rough, cold and far from perfect wind angle..." said the jubilant Frenchman.

Swiss wind specialist Patrick Diethelm took also advantage of those great conditions and established a new world record in the 'series' category, reaching 46.57 knots.

Frenchman Pascal Maka, organiser of the event concluded: "The 50 knots mark is more than ever at these guys' reach..."

1 Finian Maynard British Virgin Islands
2 Farrel O'Shea UK
3 John Smalley UK
4 Andrea Baldini Italy
5 Patrik Diethelm Switzerland
6 Francesco D'Urso Italy
7 David Garrel France
8 Cedric Bordes France
9 Marion Raizy France
10 Antoine Albeau France
11 Karin Yaggi Switzerland
12 Thomas Gaudiot France
13 Christian Bornemann Germany
14 Cyril Moussilmani France

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