2002 Worrell 1000

The Worrell 1000 is one the most radical small boat races of our time.

Tuesday May 7th 2002, Author: Nigel Cherrie, Location: United States
Eighteen brave teams have completed the opening 22.7-mile leg of the Worrell 1000 from Miami Beach to Fort Lauderdale and the first official 80.7-mile stage onwards from Fort Lauderdale and to Jenson Beach.

Not much information in known about the first leg of the 2002 event, except that the crews were graced with calm seas and beautiful conditions that contributed to an early arrival at Jensen Beach.

Brian Lambert and Jamie Livingston, sailing Alexander’s on the Bay, won stage one yesterday with a time of 5 hours, 42 minutes and 39 seconds but are second in the overall standings with a cumulative time of 7:07.47. Stephen Lohmayer and Kenneth Pierce on Tybee Island lead the fleet by 0:01.54.

At the finish of each stage, the Inter 20 catamarans are required to come ashore through the surf and be timed. They re-start next day at 10am, (except 6pm for two night legs). The winner of the race is the team that successfully completes all legs of the event with the lowest total time.

The event can be traced back to a bar room bet in 1974 between Michael Worrell and his brother Chris, that a sixteen foot beach cat could be sailed between Virginia Beach and Florida. Mike proved his brother wrong and achieved it later that year in twenty days, surviving two hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Mike then held the first race two years later in 1976 but as a 24-hour non-stop affair with no checkpoints. In the next edition of the race two years later and in all subsequent races (although no races were sailed from 1990 - 1996), various course checkpoints and boat specifications were implemented which increased the time but raised safety standards and competitiveness.

Stage two of twelve is being contested today (Tuesday) and the overall winners will sail ashore at Virginia Beach on May 18th. madfor sailing will keep you updated on the progress of the race.

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