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Vine and Dobrijevic lead at early stages of top 14 regatta

Tuesday July 30th 2002, Author: Andy Loukes, Location: United Kingdom
The first two races have produced some extremely tense sailing. Saturday saw the fleet sailing in a F2-3 breeze in Falmouth bay. A pack of 5 boats managed to move a away from the rest of the fleet after the first beat. Places changed frequently and there were 3 different leaders, but true to form Paul Vine managed to get into first place by the end of the race.

Archie Massey did very well in his first POW week to come second. Racing was close throughout the fleet and any mistake was severely punished.

1st 1444 Paul Vine, Dave Dobrijevic
2nd 1476 Archie Massey, George Nurton
3rd 1430 Colin Smith, Peter Helm
4th 1467 Pete Dann, Dominic Stanislaus
5th 1451 Colin Goodman, Sam Gardener
6th 1470 James Fawcett, Bruce Grant

Race 2 on Monday was delayed after the committee boat sailed into the harbour and was immersed in fog. The fleet was sent back to Mylor with some entertaining twin-wire downwind sailing in 100m visablilty. A race was started about an hour late in Carrick Rhodes when the fog had cleared.

The sun was out and it was blowing F2-3 again from the south. The conditions were extremely challenging and boats gained on different sides of the course as the wind gradually shifted to the right. Paul Vine and Dave Dobrijevic lead until the last 200m when Fred Eaton and John Vinzce from Canada managed to overtake having been pushed to the right of the course by Vine.

After two days of racing, one thing is clear and that is that everyone has very similar boatspeed and that you will be pushed for making mistakes!

1st 580 Fred Eaton, John Vinzce
2nd 1444 Paul Vine, Dave Dobrijevic
3rd 1467 Pete Dann, Dominic Stanislaus
4th 1459 Ian Teasdale, Simon Heuson
5th 1464 Adrian Murphy, Tim
6th 1474 Stewart Sloss, Caroline Gosford

1st 1444 Paul Vine, Dave Dobrijevic
2nd 1467 Pete Dann, Dominic Stanislaus
3rd 1430 Colin Smith, Peter Helm

The hydrofoils rudders which have appeared in all shapes and sizes have not proved dramatically faster and certainly don't cover mistakes. Second placed
Pete Dann has yet to explore the new rudders and proving very fast in F2-3.

The Prince of Wales Cup race is on Tuesday and the forecast is for a F5-6 N-NW so expect to see some different boats in the top six in this all-or-nothing race.

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