National 12 - In Brief

MadforSailing takes a quick look at the National 12 - two-person development class
An early development class, originally of traditional clinker construction, recent boats employ the latest construction techniques, materials and rigs. From the early narrow clinker boats through glued clinker construction, the latest designs have a wide hull, and smooth round bilge form in foam sandwich. Rigs have also kept pace with modern developments and considerable skill is required in tuning the rig for maximum performance. The boat is ideally suited to inland or restricted waters and the racing is highly competitive. The class has a long tradition and events are organized for vintage boats as well as the latest designs. Photo by Steve Arkley Builders Full Force Boats Linton Jenkins West Barn Stuckeridge Oakford, Devon, Tel: 01398 351513 website: Dare Barry 26, Calbourne Road Carisbrooke Newport Isle of Wight Tel: 01983 529901 Pinnell & Bax Heathfield Way Kings Heath Northampton NN5 7QP Tel: 01604 592808 Gerry Ledger 18 Ambleside Gardens Hullbridge Essex Tel: 01702 231003 Ian Ridge Unit 6A Bury Farm Curbridge Southampton, Hampshire Tel: 01489 780059 Nigel Waller 3 Green Bank Church Road Holbrook Ipswich Tel: 01473 328814 email: Rowsell & Morrison 24 Camperdown Terrace Exmouth Devon EX8 1EH Tel: 01359 263911 email: