Little America's Cup gallery - 2

Christian Fevrier's amazing images from the final battle between the US and Australia
In part two of Christian Fevrier and the Blue Green photographic agency's extraordinary gallery of images, we bring you up to date with the Little America's Cup and the epic showdown which took place in 1996 between the dominant Australian defenders and a new American team - Cogito led by Steve Clark. While all Lindsay Cunningham's creations had been highly intricate, very cleverly built affairs, Cogito demonstrated what could be achieved if you set out to build the ultimate C-Class catamaran with a reasonable budget. The Americans delivered the goods and won the Cup back. Now they are the defenders and there are stirrings of fresh challengers, notably one from the UK led by former C-Class sailor and reputed journalist Bob Fisher, with Tornado Olympians Hugh Styles and Adam May in the driving seat. Read on... A real piece of art, the Cogito wing was perfectly streamlined, much better than the Australian wing in this respect, and was particularity able to be twisted, although the mechanism for this was kept secret. The wing itself weighed just 60 kilos. Steve Clarke, the man behind the projec described her: "Cogito looks like a modern art masterpiece and could be exhibited worldwide in design museums. Cogito is a symbol of my obsessive pursuit of minutiae. In a real sense, the most beautiful boats ever built performed better in ways unlike another boat. In that sense, our catamaran is majestic". The heat-shrink Clysar material used gives the wing and flaps the look of an aquarium. The honeycomb frames looks so delicate and frail that it is difficult to imagine how the dragonfly-like wing can suffer the 40 knots of apparent wind for which she is designed. 123456789…next ›last »