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On day four of the cat race through the Swedish and Finnish archipelago

Wednesday June 26th 2002, Author: Simon Kiejzer, Location: Scandinavia
The fourth day of the Archipelago Raid saw the return of the Skanska (Adilstamm/Marimon) team. They beat race leader Team Raymarine (Woxen/Nylof) for on leg three by seconds and are now trailing 3 points behind with two more legs to go in leg 4. Crossing the Baltic Sea for 35 miles was an event full three hours blast yesterday evening. After that the teams spend the day racing through the even more impressive and undiscovered Åland and Finland Archipelago.

In leg 4 (that started this morning) the Skanska boys, with two young Laser and Hobby cat experts onboard look stronger and stronger. All of the competitors are becoming more and more exhausted. Tacking for example takes almost minutes while it used to be seconds. The Skanska Team has the advantage of the youth. However the Le Mans start of the beach was won by the Team TietoEnator 1 with Mr. and Mrs. McDonalds.

With the increasing exhaustion the competition also intensifies. At some checkpoints some boats come in only seconds apart, sailing up the beach and trying to run wearing all the foul weather gear to collect the signature. The teams become more equal in performance after four days. It is noticeable that the ex-Volvo Ocean Racers seem to be able to grunt up and keep going only being challenged by youth. The endurance and stamina is an important factor for victory this late in the race.

Tonight the Extreme Orienteering Sailing Race of 100.000 Islands race brings the competitors back across the Baltic Sea for 35 miles to Fejan. There the teams will get new navigational charts to continue racing for the last bit of this crazy race. Finish at Fejan expected at 15.00 hours PM.

Ranking after three legs:
1 Team Raymarine Magnus Woxen (SWE)/Klabbe Nylof (SWE) 6
2 Team Skanska Fredrik Adilstamm (SWE)/Tomas Marimon (SWE) 9
3 Team Tiddemans Bjorn Hansen (SWE)/Calle Hennix (SWE) 10
3 Team TietoEnator 1 Neal McDonald (GBR)/Lisa McDonald (USA) 10
5 Team Pia Pia L’Obry (SWE)/Liz Wardley (AUS) 13
6 Team Kempff Joakim Kempff (SWE)/Magnus Nordstrom (SWE) 26
7 Team TietoEnator Mikaela von Koskull (FIN)/ Yann Jameson (GBR) 30

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