Italians go cat crazy

As a three boat campaign is launched to challenge for the International Catamaran Challenge Trophy

Monday August 25th 2003, Author: Maurizio Guiggioli, Location: Italy
The Italian Province of Rimini have announced their support the three Italian challengers for the 2003 International Catamaran Challenge Trophy, with an estimated sponsorship of EUR 60,000.

Among those present were the President of the Province of Rimini, Ferdinando Fabbri, the Head of Tourism of the Province of Rimini Massimo Gottifredi and Marco Borroni, the Head of Tourism for the Bellaria-Igea Marina County, where Bimare, the manufacturers of the F18HT being used in this year's event are located.

The multiple boat challenge has been christened the Rimini Challenge to the Little Americas Cup, which will be held in Newport on 28 September-3 October this year.

In addition to Mr Petrucci, the head of Bimare were the sailors Max Sirena, Stefano Rizzi, Alberto Sonino, Paolo Bassani and Daniele Saragoni who will represent the Italian challengers.

The press conference was followed by a demonstration match race in the Javelin 2 catamarans organised by the Yacht Club Vela Club Marano in front of the new Rimini harbour. The final was won by Saragoni-Di Battista over Sirena-Bassani. Third were Giannini-Cooper and fourth Monti-Monti.

Representatives from Rimini will be in Newport for the International Catamaran Challenge Trophy event to discuss holding a similar event in Rimini at the end of May 2004 for which there is an anticipated cash prize of 25-50,000 Euros.

The aim of this event would be to promote the International Catamaran Challenge Trophy to the European catsailors and the sailing scene in general. It is likely Most likely this event will be endowed with a respectable cash prize.

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