New spin - old ideas

Two new boats revamping yesterday's technology are to be seen at the London Boat Show
Two new sailing dinghies that seem to be aiming to give a bit of a new spin to familiar themes are the Spectrum from Porter Brothers and the Taz from Topper. Porters Brothers produce a range of sailing dinghies and when a new design by the late Ian Proctor was discovered by the Proctor family, it fell nicely into the family, fun sailing area that they were looking to fill. A very different concept to the Wayfarer they have built for many years, the new Spectrum is a lightweight scow design aimed more towards the fun and general sailing market than the race circuit. Lightweight and adaptable are the watchwords - the basic boat is available as a singlehander - a jib kit turns this into a two hander and an asymmetric option is available to add more performance. And if you just want to get some more exercise than a rowing package adds a thwart and oars. Also on the Porter stand are latest versions of the Wayfarer, this remarkable Ian Proctor design has been upgraded through the years while remaining true to the original concept. For much of its life the Wayfarer has been the mainstay of UK sailing schools and thousands of dinghy sailors and yachtsman learnt the basics in a Wayfarer. To follow the change in expectations of aspiring helms the latest version of the class is available with an asymmetric rig and the interior has been redesigned over the years to allow easier recovery after a capsize. But the Wayfarer is also a keenly raced class, over 80 boats at the Worlds in Ireland last year, with a very long competitive lifespan and it is this market that Ian Porter has seen growing strongly in recent years. Over at the Topper International stand they have a selection of