Catamaran technique series - part 7

Darren Bundock on the secrets behind his immaculate Tornado campaign with John Forbes
Darren Bundock is the most successful small cat helmsman of modern times. He has won the Tornado World Championships six times, and won a Silver Medal at the Sydney Olympics. With less than a year to Athens, he and crewman John Forbes are favourites to win Gold next August. Here he tells Andy Rice about his approach to excellence, and begins by dispelling the myth about a special boat that he uses only for special occasions. The boat that people are talking about is the one we used at the Sydney Games, but we are a one-boat campaign. We used it for the whole of our European season this year, for example, so it has done a lot of sailing. But it's still going strong, not bad for a four-year-old boat. However, we do have a new one on order for next March. We don't actually have a boat in Australia at the moment, so we haven't sailed since Cadiz in September, although there is still plenty for us to do here. We have been busy developing sails and equipment, so that when we pick up the new boat we are ready to put it together quickly and go sailing straight away. Meanwhile, I've been doing a lot of coaching with youth cat sailors, and I'll be doing some racing in a Hobie Tiger, so I'll still be on the water but not in a Tornado. I think it surprises people just how little training we do in the Tornado, although John and I have been sailing them together for nine years now, so we know what we are looking to achieve when go out. Also, we have very high quality training sessions with our training partners, the Greek team and Roland Gaebler from Germany. We don't hide any information from