Beefy Ben

madforsailing caught up with the new Finn European champion, Ben Ainslie
If anyone was ever in any doubt of the talent of Ben Ainslie, then it was his remarkable win at the weekend in the Finn Europeans, considering that it has been just five months since Ainslie first set foot aboard the hotly contested Olympic singlehander. Since leaving the OneWorld America's Cup campaign and making the decision to go for the Finn, Ainslie has applied himself to the task of getting race ready with his normal vigour. Aside from purchasing boats and gaining time in them there has been the substantial issue of physically changing shape, from being a wirey Laser sailor to being a hulk of a Finn sailor. When he was campaigning the Laser Ainslie weighed in at 79-80kg. To be at fighting weight in a Finn you need to be around 20% more than this. "It's a bigger range than it is in a boat like a Laser," says Ainslie of the weight he is heading for. "95kg is probably the lowest, up to Luca Devoti who is 115kg which is probably too heavy. But 95-105kg is ideal I'd say. I've got a bit of way to go. I've got some time this winter to really work hard on it. It's very hard when you're doing events - it's impossible to get in the gym and do the weight training when you're away racing. But you have to accept that and wait until you've got an off period then really hammer the gym to get the weight on. "In the Laser, I spent all my time in the gym trying to lose weight, and doing fat burning sessions, now I'm eating tons and doing the weight training. It's more rewarding in a way because you see yourself getting bigger and lifting heavier weights. Maybe I'd better be