Lyme Regis

Jim Saltonstall looks at Lyme Regis
A superb venue to host a championship. Lyme Regis is a small seaside resort steeped in character and history. It has a small harbour, offering shelter for both yachts and fishing boats. The harbour itself dries out at low water, but it’s shallow and shelving, offering hard standing that is ideal for launching and recovering boats. The sailing takes place right next to the harbour and in relatively deep water. There is plenty of accommodation, restaurants and campsite facilities, all close by. The sailing club, parked on the outer harbour wall, has always been very helpful and enthusiastic. Race Area This is normally located due south of the club, positioned as required for the wind direction. The coastline at Lyme Regis runs on a bearing from approximately 050 degrees to 250 degrees. The town is right in the middle of Lyme Bay, with Portland Bill at the eastern end, and Torbay at the western end - some 50 miles apart. Wind Direction 250-050 degrees (through north): This sector is land locked, and the land mass is quite high - the rolling hills of Dorset. 330-030 degrees (through north): The wind is very shifty in this direction. In the starting area the breeze can shift twenty degrees every one to two minutes - assuming that you are two to three miles downwind of the land. As you approach the windward mark, the wind can shift every few seconds over a fifty degree arc. Understandably, this is not a perfect wind direction for racing at Lyme Regis. Use the shifts up the middle of the course - eyes out of the boat looking for shifts and gusts. Know your numbers on the compass - highs and lows on both tacks, so you can determine which tack to be on as you come off