Wayfarer - In Brief

MadforSailing takes a quick look at the Wayfarer, cruising and racing stalwat
Classic family/training dinghy that is also raced very keenly. This very strong, stable hull design is used for extended cruising (including crossing the North Sea) and is a favourite with sailing schools. The boats have a long life and old wooden boats are still competitive, many being beautifully restored. The Ian Proctor design of a double-chine hull with roomy cockpit, incorporates seating and storage lockers and can be rowed or outboard powered and a boom tent is available. Various versions are available in plywood, GRP or sandwich construction and a new cockpit layout incorporates a spinnaker chute and self-draining floor, with a removable rear storage locker. In racing mode the Wayfarer's good weight-carrying abilities allow a competitive performance with a wide range of crew weights, a third crew can be taken if wished. The class association supports both the cruising and racing activities with organized rallies and an open circuit.