Light air at Miami

Peter Bromby consistent in the Stars

Friday January 31st 2003, Author: James Boyd/Barby MacGowan, Location: United States
Though a two-hour delay in racing was frustrating to some, the light breezes that caused it were the 'means to consolidate' for others on day two of the 2003 Rolex Miami OCR.

In particular, Bermuda's Peter Bromby widened his lead over the 68-boat Star fleet by winning that class's single race today. He now has a 24-point margin over Paul Cayard who pulled himself into the top-three today with a 13th.

"We've been fortunate, in these light conditions, to have consistent races," said Bromby, who is sailing with Lee White, his crew from the 2000 Olympics, where the team finished fourth. "The list of good sailors here goes on forever." A mainstay in Star Olympic sailing, Bromby last won the Rolex Miami OCR in 1995.

World champions Iain Percy and Steve Mitchell scored a 12th in today's only race, raising them up to a lowly 46th in the 68 strong fleet.

Steve Hunt was happy with his 1-6 score that maintained his lead in the 470 Men's class today, but only by one point over his closest competitor Californian Mark Ivey. "In the light, shifty air, it's more even among all the teams," said Hunt, who with his crew Michael Miller won the Olympic Pre-Trials last November, "whereas when it's breezier, the top three teams tend to get out ahead easier."

In the Laser class, Team GBR dominate. Defending champion Paul Goodison (GBR) scored a win in the final race today to jump into the lead above second placed Daniel Holman.

Moving into the lead today in the Yngling class was Jody Swanson with crew Cory Sertl and Elizabeth Kratzig. The British team led by Cathy Foster are now up to 10th overall after finishing seventh in the last race today.

Holding their lead from yesterday are skippers Meg Gaillard in the Europe class; Candian Chris Cook in Finn; Steve Hunt in the 470 Men; Katie McDowell in the 470 Women; Greece's Nikos Kaklimanakis in Mistral Men; Switzerland's Anja Kaeser in Mistral Women; Santiago Lange (ARG) in Tornado; John Ross-Duggan (Newport Beach, Calif.) in Sonar, and Germany's Heiko Kroeger in the 2.4 Metre.

Top Three Results Follow - Protests Pending)
Rolex Miami OCR - Day Two (Jan. 30, 2003)

Europe (25 boats)
1. Meg Gaillard, Jamestown, R.I., 1-2-1-1-1-(11); 6 three races today
2. Lenka Smidova, CZE, 2-1-2-(7)-2-1; 8
3. Georgia Chimona, GRE, (11)-3-4-2-3-5; 17

Finns (32 boats)
1. Chris Cook, Whitby, CAN, 6-1-1-1-4; 13
2. Chris Hoegh-Christensen, DEN, 8-2-5-6-1; 22
3. Bryan Boyd, Edgewater, Md., 11-3-2-9-2; 27

470 Men Mixed (12 boats)
1. Steve Hunt/Michael Miller, Hampton, Va., 1-1-6-1-6; 15
2. Mark Ivey/Howard Cromwell, Huntington Beach, Calif., 3-2-4-6-1; 16
3. Paul Foerster/Kevin Burnham, Rockwall, Texas, 2-9-1-3-2; 17

470 Women (9 boats)
1. Katie McDowell/Isabelle Kinsolving, Barrington, R.I., 4-6-3-2-3; 18
2. Erin Maxwell/Jen Morgan, Stonington, Conn., 9-13-2-8-13; 45
3. Amanda Clark/Sarah Mergenthaler, Shelter Island, N.Y., 12-8-11-12-7; 50

49er (17 boats)
1. Tim Wadlow/Peter Spaulding, Branford, Conn., 2-1-1-3-(5)-2; 9
2. Andy Mack/Adam Lowry, White Salmon, Wash., 1-2-2-1-(4)-4; 10
3. Dalton Bergan/Zack Maxam, San Diego, Calif., 4-6-(8)-4-1-1; 16

Laser (49 boats)
1. Paul Goodison, GBR, 7-6-5-4-1; 23
2. Daniel Holman, GBR, 1-2-10-5-9; 27
3. Fredrick Lassenius, SWE, 5-21-4-1-2; 33

Mistral Men (22 boards)
1. Nikos Kaklimanakis, GRE, 1-1-1-1; 4
2. David Mier y Teran, MEX, 3-2-2-3; 10
3. Peter Wells, Newport Beach, Calif., 4-5-6-7; 22

Mistral Women (11 boards)
1. Anja Kaeser, SUI, 6-9-5-2; 22
2. Dominique Vallee, Trois-Rivieres, CAN, 11-3-8-12; 34
3. Swaine Gregoire, Montreal, CAN, 13-8-14-16; 51

Star (68 boats)
1. Peter Bromby/Lee White, Sandys, BER, 6-7-11-1; 25
2. Paul Cayard/Phil Trinter, San Francisco, Calif. 1-16-19-13; 49
3. Vince Brun/Brian Terhaar, San Diego, Calif., 24-6-17-3; 50

Tornado (28 boats)
1. Santiago Lange/Carlos Espinola, ARG, 2-3-6-3-2; 16
2. Roman Hagara/Hans-Peter Steinacher, AUT, 1-6-8-1-3; 19
3. Yann Guichard/Christophe Espagnon, FRA, 3-13-3-6-6; 31

Yngling (24 boats)
1. Jody Swanson/Cory Sertl/Elizabeth Kratzig, Buffalo, N.Y., 6-2-6-2-4; 20
2. Betsy Alison/Lee Icyda/Suzy Leech, Newport, R.I., 1-8-1-9-3; 22
3. Carol Cronin/Bridget Hallawell/Liz Filter, Jamestown, R.I., 4-1-7-16-1; 29

2.4 Metre (20 boats)
1. Heiko Kroeger, GER, 1-1-1-5-1; 9
2. Hans Meyer, Pewaukee, Wis., 3-4-2-1-3; 13
3. Stellan Berlin, SWE, 2-6-7-2-2; 19

Sonar (7 boats)
1. John Ross-Duggan/JP Creignou/Mikey Ross, Newport Beach, Calif., 1-1-1-4-2; 9
2. Rick Doerr/Richard Hughes/Tim Angle, Clifton, N.J., 4-3-4-2-1; 14
3. Paul Callahan/Keith Burhans/Mike Hersey, Providence, R.I., 2-2-3-3-4; 14

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