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"’Arm chair planing’ is one of my favourite sayings about the Laser Pico", it was a middle aged man in a SCYC in Abersoch talking to his friends about their Pico over an evening beer. It had been blowing 25 knots, so rather than letting his kids go out in these conditions themselves, the gentleman had decided to take his sons Pico out. He soon discovered one of the most important attributes about the Pico, high resale value and durability are all very well, but having a boat that a normal-sized man can go blasting in when the wind gets up, and enjoy himself is far more important! Designed by Jo Richards (designer of Full Pelt, and more recently on the design tema of GBR Challenge) the Pico went through extensive research and development. There were six key design points that the design brief outlined: · Indestructible · No maintenance · Car topable · 1 or more people can sail it · affordable · easy to sail Simplicity is a huge part of the Pico - it's the small things and attention to detail that keeps the Laser Pico first class. Did you know that the whole front end of the boat was redesigned so that it sat comfortably on any roof rack; and that the daggerboard can be pulled all the way up and still not catch the boom. The Pico was seen as a boat that would sell well in the UK Retail market, and very well to sailing schools in the UK and abroad. 92% of RYA recognised sailing schools in Britain use the Pico because of its versatility and the confidence it inspires in both children and adults. It is not only in Britain that the Pico has been successful, in America it is fast becoming a real contender to boats like