Ainslie Mk2

The Daily Sail catches up with Laser champion and team GBR medal prospect Paul Goodison
Last week saw Paul Goodison put in an uncharacteristic second place at the Princess Sofia Trophy for the Olympic classes in Palma. Goodison was nobbled on the final day as, ironically, was his predecessor Ben Ainslie in the Finn. "Basically the last race I was three points ahead and pinched the guy in second [Swedish sailor Daniel Birgmark] off at the start and he tacked and ducked behind everybody and I couldn’t cross in front of everybody," recounts Goodison of that final day. "So I went left and he went right and the wind went right and he rounded first and I rounded something like 20th. So that was a bit unfortunate. But I managed to get back to sixth in the last race, which was quite good, but not quite enough." Despite coming second, Goodison impressively never came lower than seventh while all his pier were up and down each day. "I think maybe at the end of day I was a little too conversative, but that’s usually a good thing," he says. But perhaps this is not surprising. At present Goodison seems to have successfully picked up where Ainslie left off. He currently leads the international Laser rankings and last season saw him win the Sydney Olympic regatta for the second time running followed by Miami Olympic Classes Regatta, Athens, Princess Sofia, Hyeres and Kiel. Remarkably the list of events he didn't win is shorter. "I didn't win SPA. (Robert Scheidt did). I was winning all the way through and had a terrible final day and finished seventh. In the Europeans I was leading going into the last race by five points and then had a shocker and finished third. And at the Worlds, which were not really my conditions, I finished third which is what I needed to do