Laser 2000 - A Nice Little Boat

MadforSailing tested the Laser 2000 and found her a pleasant, all-round club racer
Designed by Phil Morrison, the Laser 2000 sits a little further up the product range from the basic training boat market. The boat offers racing, cruising and general recreational sailing, all in one modern package. More than five hundred of these general purpose boats have sold in the last two years. Anyone who has completed a week's basic sailing course will feel at home in the Laser 2000. Indeed, the class is fast replacing more traditional designs such as the GP14 and Enterprise at sailing schools and holiday centres, both in the UK and abroad. MadforSailing’s reviewer was Peter Bentley, who tested the performance of the Laser 2000 in frustratingly light winds and a short choppy sea. To its credit, the boat showed some snappy acceleration in the occasional spells of decent breeze. The Laser 2000 is a modern, scooped-out looking two-crew dinghy with a simple and well-detailed deck layout. The asymmetric kite enhances performance, yet the ability to furl the jib and reef the mainsail is an encouragement to more cautious sailors. In the MadforSailing ratings, the Laser 2000 scored well throughout. The steering is light, the big rudder and well-balanced design ensuring perfect control even at large angles of heel. Tacking is comfortable with plenty of room to move across the spacious cockpit. Motion through waves is smooth, the main and jib trim easily. Overall, the Laser 2000 is very forgiving to sail. In other areas, the fittings are well chosen and placed, the rig stands up nicely and the sails are carefully constructed. The boat is tough and thoughtfully built, in terms of both layout and weight compromise. Rigging and launching could not be simpler. Stability was a priority at design stage and this is evident in that the crew can stand on the side decks with no ill