Boy wonder

Rob Greenhalgh looks back at RMW Marine's performance at Carnac
As if to make amends for losing the JJ Giltinan Trophy earlier this year, Rob Greenhalgh and his crew on RMW Marine swept the floor with the competition at the 18ft skiff regatta at Carnac over the weekend. This was an impressive display since it was the first time that Greenhalgh and his team had been out on their skiff since the JJ Giltinan down in Sydney Harbour in January. In Carnac the boys got off to a cracking start. "The first day was windy and everyone went out on big rigs and got blown away," recounted Greenhalgh. "Only four boats finished. We won by eight minutes and were the only boat not to capsize. "The next day was lighter, with three races. We got seventh in the first, which was light and shite, and we got the wrong side of the shift on the first beat. Then we won the next two races which were all quite tight. That meant we won the day which was fine." Friday's racing looked like it was going to be breezy but in the end turned out not to be. "Everyone put their little rigs on and got out there and the wind dropped a bit," said Greenhalgh. "So it was probably a big rig day, but we were happy because our little rig is quite big. So we ended up getting two seconds and a fourth. Some people with big rigs beat us. So we won the day there so on the last day we just had to get one top six results to win with a race to spare and that was if the next boat had two first." Of their form Greenhalgh commented: "We were just sailing well. Generally we could come through the fleet. There were a couple of races