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Annual Int 14 kicks off this weekend in Falmouth

Thursday July 25th 2002, Author: Andy Loukes, Location: United Kingdom
    The International 14 class is descending on Falmouth this weekend for Prince of Wales Cup week.

    The historic Prince of Wales cup was first presented in 1927 and is awarded to the winner of a single 6 lap race which cannot be shortened and has a 6 hour time limit. The Windwhisper Trophy is awarded to the winner of the points series. It was during POW week in Falmouth 64 years ago that trapeze was used so controversially by Peter Scott and John Winter.

    The class tradition of controversy continues and this year will see the first appearence of hydrofoil rudders on British boats in POW week. This year the class has attracted North Sails and Proctor masts back into competition. The range of suppliers who want to be involved in the class shows how strong it is at the moment. Six sailmakers, 3 mast manufacturers and three main hull designs will all be in contention.

    Rob Greenhalgh and Dan Johnson in a Morrison 10 are back to defend the trophy but having been sailing other boats since the Riva Cup in May, have the rest of the fleet got closer? Paul Vine and Dave Dubrojnic have been going very fast this year in their modified Bieker 2 and should be confident after a convincing win at the Europeans in Denmark.

    Other names to look out for include Adrian Murphy who is leading the Crescendo travellers series in a Bieker 3. James Fawcett and Bruce Grant were 3rd in Denmark and Andy Partington with Doug Walker. John Vincze has even shipped his boat over from the USA to compete in this prestigeous series."

    Roger Ewart Smith New Shoes
    Howard Steavenson Game on
    Peter Dixon Jesture
    Mark Upton Brown ?
    Peter Conway Tiger
    Matthew Larkin Firetruck
    James Walters Silver Surfer
    Andy Fitzgerald Isabel and Charlotte
    Charles Stanley GBR1464
    Rob Sutherland Diver
    Richard Devereux Bathtime
    John Vincze Ranger
    James Fawcett ?
    Alan Beeton Mighty White
    Stuart Sloss Flaming Ferraris
    Colin Smith Enormous Crocodile
    Michael Holmes Volare
    Colin Goodman Hydrofoil
    Paul Vine Les Couiles de Chien
    Dave Spragg Pantomime Horse
    Peter Dann Hairy Biscuits
    Mark Nicholson Mango Chutney
    Julian Pearson The Beast
    James Gough Wombats and Leprechauns
    Archie Massey Dodgy       
    Victor Brellisford Spot
    Charles Duchesne Yellow Boat
    Richard Wolf RMW Marine II
    Ian Teasdale Chocolate Girl
    Tony Dencher GBR 1442
    Martin Pascal Flesh and Blood
    Paul Ravenhill First Contact
    Katie Nurton Snow White                                      
    Andy Partington Boat name not known
    Oliver Bond The Skunk                                        
    Peter Jenner Dinky Toy                                        
    Andrew Bunyan Tea and Medals
    Rollo Pyper Tartan Geisha
    Chris Turner Dusk til Dawn

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