Light winds for Tiger Worlds

Paul Larsen reports from Singapore

Monday February 10th 2003, Author: Paul Larsen, Location: Australasia
The third Carlsberg Hobie Tiger world championships started today under somewhat typical equatorial conditions with light fickle breezes interrupted by heavy thundercloud activity.

Racing was postponed in the morning due to lack of breeze. The fact is that the previous week had great pressure. What is it with sailing regattas???

Despite there only being 34 entrants at the Raffles Marina venue, it remains that there are seven current and past world champions present. A few of us needing the practice went out early on to check that everything was as it should be and as racing was still postponed after lunch..... well, we went out again to be double sure.

Then at nearly four o'clock when we drifted back into the beach, sure that the day was going to be canned, we dropped our sails..... they in turn dropped the postponement flag, blew the horn and we were off again. It was still light but it had settled enough for a race to be carried out.

With a heavy port bias it was surprising to see so many boats crowding the boat end, maybe it was everyone being cautious and trying to protect their ability to tack away to clear air. Nonetheless at least one boat sailed into the back of the committee boat.

The fleet divided with the left side heading for better winds out in the channel dividing Singapore and Malaysia (don't go there as advised in the skippers briefing) and the other half heading to the right to avoid the current. The breeze favoured the right on the first work and Greg Thomas from the USA lead around the first mark of what was a windward, leeward, finish course.

The lead was hefty and despite gains from those of us who stayed out in the channel on the downwind, greg still lead at the bottom mark. The next work to the finish was a real lottery. Helena and I on Fly Royal Brunei were in the top ten and headed back out left into the channel that paid so well off the start. With the likes of Mitch Booth coming the same way on our hip we were confident it was going to pay again and looked like doing so for a while..... until the lottery commenced.

The windshifts began and after all the discussions over the lovely sponsors product at the bar debriefing it was hard to decide what was the key to the end results as for some it worked going left, for some right and for some just good ol' up the guts.

Enrique Figueroa and Jorge Hernandez from Puerto Rico triumphed over Dol Camille-Olivier from France and Greg Thomas managed after a rollercoaster race to salvage a third for the states. We on Fly Royal Brunei managed a 15th and were proud of ourselves for not getting the camera out as both Gav Colby and Mitch Booth crossed just behind. That was the nature of the first race.

Helm Crew Country R1 Total
Enrique Figueroa Jorge Hernandez Aus 1 1
Dol Camille-Olivier Francoise Boulaire FRA 2 2
Greg Thomas Jacques Bernier USA 3 3
Steve Fields Peter Dubbelaar AUS 4 4
Darren Stower Lloyd Bradshaw AUS 5 5
John Bauldry Karen Ann Xavier USA 6 6
Keith Christensen Curtis Christensen USA 7 7
Aaron Worrall Andrew Keag AUS 9 9
Allan Lawrance Gordon McGillivray RSA 10 10
Mal Gray Jerome Binder AUS 11 11
Jeffrey Newsome Tracy Nackel USA 12 12
Pedro Colon Jorge Torres PUR 13 13
Eric Proust Yann Andrillon FRA 14 14
Paul Larsen Helena Darvelid AUS 15 15
Mark Haswell Catherine Fong PHI 16 16
Gavin Colby Cori Camenish SUI 17 17
Brad Sumner Kevin Winchester AUS 8 18
Mitch Booth Taylor Booth NED 18 18
David Bartlett Jo Bartlett GBR 19 19
Andreas Bredendiek Nils Froehmer GER 20 20
Darren Smith Jesse Dobie AUS 21 21
Tadeusz Winkowski Pawel Jedrzejewski POL 22 22
Fequet Loic Julie Chouamier FRA 23 23
Jeff Alter Teri Mckenna USA 24 24
Bob Schahinger Kath Buchanan AUS 25 25
Scott Lovig Danny Hunt AUS 26 26
Nigel Harris Glen Ormerod MAS 27 27
Murray Woodhead Dean Parker AUS 28 28
Steve Leo Susan Korzeniewski USA 29 29
David Heroux John Swiniarski USA 30 30
Brian Phipps Phillipe Marian HKG 31 31
Thompson Dale David Tite AUS 32 32
Mark Kopel Thomas Sutherland RSA 34

So that's it for race one, here's a pic. of the days victor enjoying a quiet drop on the minibus back to town and the infamous 'Ichiban sushi bar'
Stay tuned,
Paul Larsen (weird looking geezer below)

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