Tim Hancock - a madforsailing profile

Is he really 40 this year?
What is your date of birth? 22nd August 1961. Where were you born? Woolwich, London At what age did you start sailing? 15 years old. What inspired you to take up sailing? I was too small for rugby! No actually I was just asked if I fancied having a go. Where was your first sailing club? Hayling Island sailing club, but I really learnt at Wimbledon Park Sailing Club in London. Which class did you first race in? Cadet. How did you buy your first boat? Parents. What was your first regatta win? My very first event Cadet junior week at Hayling. What's your biggest event or championship win? 505 Worlds - 1993, Tornado Europeans - 1985, Barcelona pre-Olympics Soling class - 1991. Any other notable regattas that you have taken part in you would like to mention? I have been lucky enough to sail in a large number and variety of regattas over the years, all of which are memorable for one reason or another. Which event will you be taking part in next? 505 Europa Cup in the South of France at Easter. Do you do any sailing-specific off the water training? Over the years I have done a lot of fitness and strength training, depending on the type of boat I am campaigning at the time and the weight I have needed to be. Currently I am exercising three to four times a week, generally running or other cardiovascular work. Which coaches do you use if any? At the moment I am not using a coach, but in the past have used Rod Carr, John Derbyshire, Rob Andrews, Jim Saltonstall and Bill Edgerton. If you weren't doing the job you are, what would you like to be doing instead? . Having just sold out of my business, exactly what I am doing now, which is deciding what to do next. Which other sports do you take part in? Other than various forms of exercise,