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As the RS 400 and 600es descend upon Stone Sailing Club for the next race in their Fat Face 2002 circuit, reports Barney Goswell

Tuesday September 10th 2002, Author: Barney Goswell, Location: United Kingdom

A small fleet of 18 RS400s turned up at Stone SC for the next installment of the Fat Face 2002 Circuit. Competitors were greeted with sunny spells and variable breeze on the Saturday. Leaving Stone SC sailing against the tide, the visiting competitors, sailing for the first time at Stone SC did not realise how much the tide was going to play in their fortunes/misfortunes in that day’s racing.

Race 1 started in a good force 3, with most competitors favouring the port end of the line. Phil Jackson/Gerard Baron reached the windward mark first but had trouble finding the breeze and were overtaken by lightweight crews Craig Burlton/ James Stewart and Robin Kenyon/Toby Lewis on the downwind leg. The mid fleet enjoyed close racing with many place changes on the downwind legs. As the race progressed the tide turned and got progressively faster. This heavily favoured port tack up the remaining beats due to the lee bowing effect. Race 1 finished with Burlton/Stewart 1st, Kenyon/Lewis 2nd and Robert/Storey 3rd. Jackson/Baron were further demoralised by being beaten by the Barnsters.

Race 2, again, most competitors favoured the port end of the line. The first start resulted in a general recall even though the tide was pushing the competitors away from the line. After the second start most competitors immediately tacked onto port to take advantage of the lee bowing effect. This along with 30-degree lifts favoured the boats starting at the committee boat end. With the tide getting ever stronger port tack was the way to go up the beats. The very consistent Team Kenyon/Lewis won this race, with Jackson/Baron coming in second with very big smiles on the faces, and almost a local boat Jones/Braine (Leigh-on-Sea) coming in 3rd. It was Burlton/Stewart’s turn to race round with the Barnsters, although at a distance!

Race 3 started with an ever increasing tide. Once again most of the fleet tacked on to port. Due to the speed of the tide the Race Officer moved the windward mark in between races, the windward mark almost being on transit to the start line! As in race 2 the committee boat end seemed to be the best place to start. Jackson/Baron reached the mark first in what now was a very strong tide.

This caught out a number of competitors tacking too early on the starboard lay line forcing them to make a second approach. Matters were made worst when ‘U-Boat’ tried to take out the windward mark by capsizing on it, creating an even bigger windward mark for the competitors behind them. Jackson/Baron held their lead to take the race with another almost local boat Lloyd Walker/Andy Middleton coming in 2nd followed by Burlton/Stewart 3rd.

The evening was spent listening to guitarist ‘Greavsy’ and drinking lots of beer, although Craig Burlton decided to wear his! Then a little later, Stone SC treated the visitors to their own sing song.

Sunday morning dawned with heavy rain hitting canvas and no sign of any wind. Eventually racing for the day was cancelled due to lack of wind. This left Robin Kenyon/Toby Lewis winners of the event with Phil Jackson/Gerard Baron in second and Craig Burlton/James Stewart 3rd. The first Stone SC boat came in 7th sailed by Karl & Filly Terkelsen Terkelsen.

See page two for the RS600es report...

Pos S.N. Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 Total
1 1077 Robin Kenyon Toby Lewis Hamble River 2 1 5 8
2 1090 Phil Jackson Gerard Baron Parkstone 8 2 1 11
3 949 Craig Burlton James Stewart Blithfield 1 8 3 12
4 849 Lloyd Walker Andy Middleton Leigh-on-Sea 4 6 2 12
5 1102 Hywel Roberts Melissa Storey Parkstone 3 5 7 15
6 1073 Adam Diver Claire Fowler Aldeburgh 9 4 9 22
7 570 Karl Terkelsen Filly Terkelsen Stone SC 5 7 10 22
8 780 Mathew Fiary Gar Fryer Waveney & Oullen Broad YC 6 10 8 24
9 1058 Barney Goswell Pauline McCracken Burghfield SC 7 9 13 29
10 850 Stuart Elford Foina Judd IBRSC 13 12 6 31
11 1118 Steve Jones Stephen Briane Leigh-on-Sea 12 3 18 33
12 551 C.Dulake D. Dulake Brightining Sea 17 15 4 36
13 1083 C. Stamland J.Rippon Leigh-on-Sea 11 14 11 36
14 766 Phil Newman George Wakefield Stone SC 15 11 12 38
15 729 Johny Hynes Sarah Deven Notts County 14 13 14 41
16 796 Steve Tubby Leigh-on-Sea 10 19 19 48
17 561 S Reilly J.Reilly 19 16 18 53
18 847 Alex Willard Rebecca Willard Royal Corintian 16 19 18 53

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