All-black Canoe

Asymmetric Canoe Jet
James Boyd Photography /
Asymmetric Canoe Jet
We look at the features of Steve Clarke's new AC, Jet
At the RYA Dinghy Show the International Canoe class were showing the new Jet. This was designed and built by Steve Clarke - a little confusing this as there are two gentlemen of this name in the Canoe class. In this case it is the UK-based one, rather than the C-Class sailing, US-based Steve Clark.  Jet’s hull was built based on a moulding from Razorback Boats, but Clarke designed the rest of this new Asymmetric Canoe which he also built himself after having been on a composite construction course. Considering this is his first boat, the finish of the carbon/foam sandwich build was very good. The spars and foils were developed respectively by son and father duo, Mike and Terry Cooke at Aardvark Technologies and Alistair Warren. Aside from looking very cool with its black clear-coated carbon fibre finish, the main development with the boat is its new cockpit and deck layout. A principle aim of this was to clear the metre-wide cockpit and foredeck to enable a more secure footing when hoisting the 23sqm kite. Thus the usual kite sock has been replaced with an internal tube, the kite pulling into a recess in the boat’s rounded foredeck, the kite tube itself running aft beneath the cockpit – hence requiring the cockpit floor to be raised marginally. The tube has its own drain hole. Also new is the spinnaker pole being on the centre line, as opposed to being offset slightly to one side. The pole runs in its own channel back from the bow and this also serves to hide the lines and blocks for the forestay and jib controls. This channel is hidden by a removable cover. Efforts have also been made to minimise friction in the spinnaker system from the halyard to the pole launching to fitting a roller