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More events schedule to get boats back on the water

Wednesday March 31st 2010, Author: Katie Ashworth, Location: United Kingdom

It’s fair to say that most people like things that are shiny and new! However, when it comes to Activate Your Laser Fleet it’s all about making do with what you have already got. Activate Your Laser Fleet recognises that there are hundreds of abandoned and forgotten about Lasers in dinghy parks at sailing clubs and centres across the country and the mission is to return them to the water. Three representatives from Activate clubs attended the Laser Repair Clinic at LaserPerformance in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire learning some simple tips and tricks to help them restore their club’s boats to their former glory.

“It’s hard work keeping fibreglass boats looking good, but it’s not impossible with a little cosmetic attention,” commented Steve Morris, LaserPerformance’s Pre Delivery Inspector. Steve focused his tuition on gel coat repairs and fibreglass reconstruction on hulls and foils, including advice regarding the correct tools and materials for specific repair jobs.

The attendees at the Repair Clinic were asked to bring a boat from their Club that was in need of some TLC. During the clinic on Saturday everybody had a hands on turn at t-cutting and polishing their boats hull. A major reconstruction of one boats bow was undertaken and dagger boards with “shark bites”, caused by running aground, were repaired.

Andy Allan from Trimpley Sailing Club explained how the Repair Clinic had improved his confidence in tackling repair jobs. “Before today, I would have never taken wet and dry to the hull of a Laser, but following Steve’s expert advice I now feel that I can carry out some cosmetic repairs, it’s very straight forward!”

“We’ve made an old boat look new, just by using wet and dry glass paper and T-Cut (P3). Today has been a day well spent in my opinion,” added Mick Flack from Haversham Sailing Club.

At the end of the day, Steve Morris was really pleased with the increased understanding that the attendees had grasped; the simplicity of gel coat maintenance and a good understanding of fibreglass repairs. Steve also shared the “Sellotape Trick” with the attendees, but if you want to know more about that, you’ll have to sign up for the next Activate Repair Clinic!

Further Repair Clinics will run on:
Saturday 24th April
Saturday 29th May
Saturday 26th June

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