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Mirabaud LX v2010

Latest developments to Thomas Jundt's radical three man foiler

Monday May 31st 2010, Author: Bernard Schopfer, Location: Switzerland

The 2010 incarnation of the experimental Mirabaud LX foiler, has recently been put through its first trial runs. Thomas Jundt’s foiler, which underwent improvements over the winter, is now poised to set new records on Lake Geneva and participate in the Weymouth Speed Week in October.

Sponsored by Mirabaud & Cie, private bankers, Thomas Jundt’s foiler has impressed the international sailing community since its first launch in 2008. The sailboat’s latest innovations for 2010 have been unveiled.

First of all, the 'float' has been modified in order to improve stability by light wind. In principle, the flying boat doesn’t need a hull; however a float is necessary to sail in less than eight knots of breeze. The volume has been increased from 800 to 1200lt, while the stern now measures 1.2 meters, the same width as an Australian 18ft skiff, from where this boat originated.

A new system for adjusting the forward foil has also been developed to improve sailing in choppy conditions as the previous mechanical system was unable to anticipate waves. A crewmember now observes the waves and can manually adjust the foil while sailing at high speed.

A centerboard that allows a rapid change of foils has also been developed. The current foils limit the boat’s speed to about 23 knots. Smaller foils, which have been designed to attain speeds of up to 28 knots, will be installed during the summer.

Thomas Jundt, the engineer who conceived the Mirabaud LX and crewmember, said after the first trials: “When I look at the Mirabaud LX today and compare it with the first version from 2008, I have to say that I am very pleased. Starting with a conceptual prototype that had room for lots of improvement, we have ended up with today’s nearly perfect foiler. Everything we have done makes sense, and the boat now looks like a fully realised concept. The hardest thing to manage in this adventure, since we all have other professional commitments, is to find the time to do the fine-tuning.”

The Mirabaud LX’s goals for 2010 are to set new records on Lake Geneva, namely for the kilometer, the hour and the Ruban Violet (which uses the same route as the Bol d’Or Mirabaud). The crew will also participate in the famous Weymouth Speed Week in October. Other regattas are also on the agenda, such as the Geneva-Rolle-Geneva regatta, which the team won last year ahead of Jo Richards’ famous Full Pelt.

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