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Gilbert and McGrane take home Prince of Wales Cup

Wind drops to allow the International 14's annual top UK event to be held

Monday July 19th 2010, Author: Archie Massey, Location: United Kingdom

After two days held ashore due to 30 knot winds, the 2010 Prince of Wales Cup was eagerly anticipated and waking up to steady 20 knots on Saturday morning, it didn’t disappoint.

Come the start the wind had dropped to 12 knots from the west and a relatively short mile long beat was set for the six lap epic. The early pace setters were Roger Gilbert sailing with Ben McGrane and Andy Partington and son, taking maximum gain from the strong southwesterly
filling in. Showing early promise in his brand new Ting Tong 1, Douglas Pattison and Mark Tait rounded the top mark in 4th. They later retired as they struggled with the lack of kick bars on the new boat. Meanwhile Mark Upside-Down had tacked off right and rounded well down the fleet and Archie Massey sailing with Damian Ash, was lashing his lowers which has parted company with the deck on his borrowed boat.

Two laps later, the wind had built to 26 knots and there was huge carnage at the newly laid top mark and gybe mark, thinning out the fleet at the front.

Towards the end of the third downwind leg, the leaders, Gilbert and Partington had both gybed back early to the leeward mark and in trying to do the double gybe into the leeward mark, both fell in. Massey took advantage of this to briefly take the lead. However Gilbert proved quicker upwind and soon was able to pass. And a pitch-pole down the 4th run for Massey turned it into a two-horse race.

Starting the final reaching legs Gilbert had pulled out a 100m lead using his superior upwind speed. However Partington taking the attitude that second is the first loser pushed hard down the first reach and was able to gybe inside Gilbert at the gybe mark, setting up what would
have been a photo finish. However moments later they did a huge pitch pole, allowing both Massey and Upton-Brown through to 2nd and 3rd. Mark can now banish his old nick-name to the history books after a surviving without a capsize in the 25 knot hayling bay chop.

Congratulations to Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane for sailing a superb race, going fast upwind and staying in control down the bouncy runs.


Pos Helm Crew Tot Net
1 Roger Gilbert Ben McGrane 1 1
2 Archie Massey Damian Ash 2 2
3 Mark Upton-Brown Matt Gotrel 3 3
4 Andy Partington Tom Partington 4 4
5 Georg Borkenstein Eike Dietrich 5 5
6 Jarrod Simpson Tim Paull 6 6
7 Andrew Penman Phil Kennard 7 7
8 Martin Pascal Robin Pascal 8 8
9 Simon Hiscocks Olly Spensley Corfield 9 9
10 Steve Fisher Neil Barber 10 10
11 Katie Nurton David Royse 11 11
12 Kimball Morrison Charlie Crone 12 12
13 Sam Pascoe Alex Knight 13 13
14 Doug Walker Louise Walker 14 14
15 Dirk Rother Kai Lassen 15 15
16 Takashi Furugaki Satoshi Ishida 16 16
17 Charles Duchesne Andrew Handasyde Dick DNF 38
17 Dan Watts Ben Watts DNS 38
17 Tom Watkins Sam Woolner DNF 38
17 Rich Dobson Hugh Maclean DNF 38
17 K George Warrick Ker DNF 38
17 Damon Roberts Alan Roberts DNF 38
17 Tom Smedley Charlie Tavner DNC 38
17 Neale Jones Jam Adam DNF 38
17 Martin Jones Zeb Elliot DNF 38
17 Paul Ravenhill Mike Thomson DNF 38
17 Julian Pearson Nick Martin DNF 38
17 Adrian Williams Stewart Meers DNF 38
17 Glen Truswell Chris Blackburn DNF 38
17 Jamie Reid Lee Arnison DNF 38
17 Tom Heywood Ed Clay DNF 38
17 Andy Fitzgerald Leif Stenhouse DNF 38
17   Alan Beeton DNC 38
17 Colin Smith Peter Helm DNF 38
17 Peter Conway Virginia Harvey DNS 38
17 Douglas Pattison Mark Tait DNF 38
17 Wayne Hancox Richard Adams DNF 38

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