Promising news for the Tornado

Head of the Tornado class, Roland Gaebler reports on the voting at the ISAF Events Committee meeting

Wednesday November 10th 2010, Author: Roland Gaebler, Location: Greece

We made the first step for a comeback of the Multihull. As a Mixed Olympic Discipline.

We got 84% positive votes in the ISAF Events Committee: This is sensational and far ahead of all other classes (Finn, Women's Match Racing, Star, 470 mixed, 470 men) which were in our voting group for the last four Olympic slots for 2016.

The ISAF Events Committee will forward and recomended this voting for the Mixed Multihull to the ISAF Council and Executive Committee. which have their meeting in the next days. These ISAF Council Meetings can change a lot, but they cannot ignore the 84% vote from the Events Committee.

In May 2011 at the ISAF Midyear Meeting, the National Sailing Federations can still re-vote on it all, so we are not 100% safe, but in a very good position. 84% in favour for the Multihull shows us we are in an excellent position for all future ISAF Committee voting.

It is a clear sign they want modernise Olympic sailing with a high performance multihull. Our sailing discipline has very good possibilities as a spectator and media friendly sport. In Rio 2016 they are planning a 10.000 seater sailing stadium at the water edge's and the Multihulls will deliever the best action exact on time in winds of between 1 and 35 knots.

In May 2011, we also know how we select the type of boat for this new Mixed Olympic Multihull Discipline. Beside the Tornado, there are other Multihulls which would like to get the Olympic spot, so we are expecting an fair and open Multihull evaluation event. As the Tornado Class we want to be fair and open and we are happy to take this challenge. Only together with the other Multihull Classes we can make our high adrenaline sport better than ever.

Now we are going to party a little bit in Athens!

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