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Second trial to take place in Fremantle

Friday November 12th 2010, Author: Jerelyn Biehl, Location: Australia

The International 49er class will be performing a second test of 'Theatre Style' racing in Perth, Australia on 14 November. The goal is to trial a style of racing that results in a worthy champion, gives close access to media and the general public, and has the winner of the last race be the winner of the regatta. By using the 49er, the quickest Olympic class sailboat, excitement of quick moves and agile boat handling will showcase the sport of sailing in all it facets; athletic, tactical, and spectacular.

With races designed to last only 8-10 minutes, five fleet races will be run on a width restricted course, framed by swimming lane lines which will keep the competition tight. The top two boats will move on to a match race final to determine the winner. Within a two hour time slot the top eight boats from qualifying will face off to determine a champion with nerves of steel and a broad skill set for 'Theatre Style' sailing and match race skills. Given the prevailing breeze typical for Fremantle, the racing will be highly exciting and entertaining.

The first test was held in Weymouth, England in September of this year with favourable reports from the sailors, coaches and the sailing media.

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