Kiel Week arena sailing for the one design Tornado

Class president Roland Gaebler puts his Olympic vision into practice

Wednesday December 22nd 2010, Author: James Boyd, Location: Germany

The Kieler Woche organisers have announced that the Tornado class' new Speedsailing racing style has been added to their program. This will involve a new sailing arena being set up in the centre of Kiel, the former Olympic catamaran set to deliver adrenaline-filled speedsailing races in June 2011.

Tornado Sail 'n' Fly

Close action, engrossing battles, slick commentary, short races, legendary skippers and all starting on time - the Tornado class set to emulate the Extreme Sailing Series and what is planned for the 34th America's Cup with a regatta tailor-made to be both spectators and media alike. With the new one design Tornado the class are guaranteeing that starts will be exactly on time with racing held in anything from 1-35 knots of wind.

The Tornado class want to progress the sport into a new era that is accessible and affordable for all sailors and nations.

The Kieler Woche is one of the biggest sailing and maritime festivals of the world. In 10 days over 3 million people visit annually. All types of boats take part in Kieler Woche.

The class want to bring racing closer to the public than ever before by setting up a sailing arena inside the city from 18-of June and will stage racing for ten boats. The aim is to bring thousands of people close to the sailing area, to witness the Tornado performance.

Racing within the sailing arena will be complimented shoreside by music and art entertainment with international bands playing nearby. Spectators and sailors can go straight from sailing into the party life.

With this test event the Tornado class want to present a new way of how Olympic Sailing can look in the future:

…...more media
We will sail just meters away from the promenade. This makes it easier to set up the cameras and to follow the races for the journalists. Also a crane can give aerial perspectives of the racing and we will have different camera positions on the Tornados. Besides that, we will takes guests sailing to get the journalists closer to our sport. Leading German TV Channels will show the event at primetime.

……more spectators
Spectators will only come if you deliver a big spectacle. With the F1 of Sailing we present the best action with guaranteed exact starting times with between 1 and 35 knots of wind. Our small compressed course area creates emotional sailing at its best. Races are commentated and easy to follow for the spectators and media.

……more ticket sales
Why not sell tickets to the spectators, if we deliver great racing and entertainment? In Kiel we will not do it, because our sponsors will “proudly present” the Sailing Arena and the concerts for free. But we will sell tickets for corporate and guest sailing on the Tornados. We will also be selling tickets and packages for the VIP area and VIP lounge.

…….less cost for on-water race management
Any course figuration is allowed in the Sailing Arena. 3 to 5 fixed marks and 2 Ribs needed. A lean race-management and 2 umpires run such an event. The starting line is between a pole on shore and a mark. Signals will be used which every person will understand. We make sailing as simple and visible as possible. Less cost and more action is our target. Our Energy (Wind) is for free!

…… motivation for the youth
With the Tornados we deliver pure adrenaline sailing at its best, the youngsters and kids will watch and love it. Beside the event we will run extra sailing events for the youth. We cooperate with the host clubs & sailing schools to invite the young generation at the Arena to get started with sailing.

……money for sailing
Because a Tornado with its size offers great opportunities for corporate sailing, we sell guest sailing to companies, spectators and via websites to all sailing fans. This is one way for the teams to re-finance Sailing.

……open Sail and Fly contest
Together with our partners we create an open contest. At this contest every person can win a trip on a Tornado with a Champion. Sailing and Flying on the trapeze with a Tornado is the Ultimate Sailing Experience for every sporty person. This way we get more people connected and introduced to sailing.

….. best price-performance ratio for sponsors
With simple concepts and instruments we will create a great sailing spectacle with an excellent price-performance ratio in sailing sport. It is a win-win situation for all.

…….accessible and affordable for all sailors
Our wish is, to get future Olympic Sailing into a way that sailors and MNAs can finance it. Income for sailors from Sponsors, Spectators, Corporate and Guest Sailing should be a part of it. Same way we save money with a smart logistic system and high quality boats.

……supporting emerging countries
Because we supply some boats at our event, sailors from all nations can enter without owning a boat. Supplied material is the best and most easy way to motivate emerging and developing nations to step into Olympic sailing.

……more women
Because we promote mixed and women sailing too, we make it easy for women to step into high-speed sailing. We invite all women to sail with us on the Tornado the ultimate experience. Mixed Sailing is on the road to be an Olympic sport for Rio 2016.

…...perspectives for the future
Our mission is to create a win-win situation for all who are involved in Olympic Sailing. Our sport has great potential. We use the energy of nature with human power and innovative techniques. It’s time to present the very best of sailing in a better way to the media, spectators and sponsors. At the Sailing Arena in Kiel we will show that the Tornado Multihull is the perfect boat for it.

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