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A week until the Zhik Moth Worlds

No wing for Bora? Patrick Langley assess the form

Monday January 3rd 2011, Author: Patrick Langley, Location: Australia

With the first race of the Zhik Moth Worlds under a week away, all competitors are fine tuning their boats in preparation for what is shaping up to be the most interesting Moth World Championship to date. There is a flood of sailing talent turning up among the 115 entries from ten countries so it is sure to be tight at the top.

There has been a great amount of debate in sailing media around the world about the solid wing sail which both Bora Gulari (USA) and George Peet (USA) have been expected to use when the action begins on 8 January at Lake Macquarie, NSW Australia. However in a late breaking report from Lake Macquarie, it appears that Bora and George may be looking at reverting back to the standard soft sail configuration.

Both were out training yesterday with standard soft sail configurations while Charlie McKee (USA) was out testing the solid wing sail instead. Is it possible that there is an element of gamesmanship going on at Belmont at the moment? We may still see the solid wing sail on the race course yet.

Regardless of the sail configuration, the best Moth sailor is going to take out the 2011 Zhik Moth Worlds. Let’s take a look at who are the contenders and the chargers for the 2011 Moth World title.

The Contenders

Simon Payne (GBR) Mach 2
Simon is the current Moth World, European & British Champion and is a very consistent performer. Simon dominated in Dubai and came 4th at the Moth Open Europeans. Simon is at short odds to defend his title here in Australia.

Nathan Outteridge (AUS) Mach 2
Nathan, the current Moth Open European champion, has been putting in some solid effort into his Moth Sailing of late, although this has had to take a backseat for a summer of 49er racing down under. Since the last 49er event at Sail Melbourne in mid-December, Nathan’s focus has returned to the Moth and with the Worlds being sailed on his home waters of Lake Macquarie, Nathan is tipped to go one better than his 2nd place from the 2009 Worlds in Oregon USA. (Note: Nathan did not attend the 2010 Worlds in Dubai). Interestingly Nathan races while listening to an iPod that is housed on his Moth so expect to hear some cool tunes at the head of the fleet.

Bora Gulari (USA) Mach 2 (Object2 Skiffworks solid wing sail?)
Bora is the 2009 Moth World Champion and was a close 2nd to Nathan at the Moth Open Europeans this year. Bora is fired up turn the tables on Nathan from the Open Europeans however more importantly he is looking to become the first American to win a Moth Worlds at a venue outside of the USA. Bora is considered one of the favourites and there will be many Americans following his progress with interest regardless of what sail configuration he uses.

Scott Babbage (AUS) Mach 2

Scott has been consistently in the top group at the last three world championships but lately he seems to have found some new speed. Scott impressed at the Open Europeans in August 2010 where he brought home a bronze medal and recently tookout the Sydney International Regatta in convincing fashion proving that he should be one to watch. Scott will also have to juggle his other role of Regatta Director for the Zhik Moth Worlds however with some good preparation and delegation, expect his focus to remain firmly on the racing during the Worlds.

Andrew McDougall (AUS) Mach 2
A-Mac is the 'Grand Father' of the Moth Class and the man behind the Mach 2 Moth, which is essentially the weapon of choice for most competitors here at Belmont. A-Mac finished second to Simon Payne at the Dubai Worlds after getting off to a flying start and is known to be quick in a straight line. While there might be some younger and fitter sailors competing at Belmont, you can be sure that the old fox has a few more tricks up his sleeve. Will A-Mac be bringing a standard Mach 2 or will there be a Mach 2.5 at Belmont?

Brad Funk (USA) Mach 2
“Super Funk” came 3rd at the Dubai Moth Worlds and has been putting in the hard yards in his Moth of late. Brad is also increasing his training program for his London 2012 Laser campaign so expect him to be in good shape at Belmont. Brad is known to be very quick in light airs.

Tom Slingsby (AUS) Mach 2
Tom is the current ISAF Sailor of the Year and triple Laser World Champ who has turned his hand to the Moth class over the past twelve months. Tom believes that sailing the Moth provides him a refreshing change to the grind of Olympic/One Design racing as well as a great outlet to have fun and learn more about this exciting form of sailing. Most things Tom does turns to gold, so expect him to master the Moth class sooner rather than later and be somewhere at the top during the Zhik Moth Worlds.

John Harris (AUS) Mach 2
The 2008 Moth World Champ and 2001 18’ Skiff World Champion has been devoting all his time to his Moth over the past twelve months and will be somewhere in the mix at the business end of the regatta. John has campaigned the 18’ Skiff the Rag & Famish over the past ten years and is known as a very consistent performer. John’s company sailingbits.com will be on site during the Zhik Moth Worlds providing all vital equipment needed for competitors including a full range of Zhik gear.

The Chargers

Arnaud Psarofaghis (SUI) Mach 2
Arnaud has not had a great deal of training opportunities of late in Switzerland, however he has arrived at Belmont with plenty of time to recapture the form which saw him win the 2009 Moth European championships. Arnaud tied for 3rd with Brad Funk at the Dubai Moth Worlds but was relegated to the 'leather medal' 4th place position on a count back.

Joe Turner (AUS) Mach 2
Our spies tell us that Joe has been ripping it up at the Lake and has plenty of pace. His form is hard to gauge but if the rumours are true, he is quick and will feature.

George Peet (USA) Mach 2 (Object2 Skiffworks solid wing sail?)
George Peet is a Volvo Ocean Race veteran as well as a Melges 32 World Champion with the all-conquering Bliksem Racing Team. Bear was also planning on using his Object 2 Skiffworks solid wing sail at Lake Macquarie however our spy’s tell us that like Bora, he too might be having second thoughts. Bear knows his way around a race track and could feature if things go his way.

Rob Gough (AUS) Mach 2
Gough had a disappointing Moth Worlds in Dubai by his own standards, however he hit back with a solid 6th place at the Moth Open Europeans in 2010. Rob won a couple of heavy air races at the Sydney International Regatta held in December 2010 so he will be looking forward to some strong conditions at Belmont.

Dalton Bergan (USA) Mach 2
The Seattle-based charger came 5th at the Dubai Worlds and is a quiet achiever amongst the US contingent at the Moth Worlds. Dalton should be up there if all goes to plan.

Euan Mcnicol (AUS) Mach 2
Euan has won three 18ft Skiff World Championships (2000, 2005 & 2009) as well as a 14ft Skiff World Championship in 2006. Euan is a professional sailor and coach who was one of the key team members on the Secret Mens Business 3.5 which was the overall winner of the 2010 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Euan is no stranger to high performance boats so he will be at home at the Lake in his Moth.

Luka Damic (AUS) Scalpel
Luka will be using a Scalpel Moth that was designed and built by Luka and Marty Johnson in Sydney. On his day, Luka can be very quick and will also be wearing his CST hat during the worlds for anyone who needs any assistance with their CST components.

Adam Beashel (AUS) Mach 2
Beasho needs no introduction and is taking time out of his ETNZ America’s Cup and Audi Med Cup responsibilities to jump into the Moth Class and learn all about this exciting form of racing. Beasho only picked up his Mach 2 in early December and has been quickly working out how to make them go. Adam and his family live on Lake Macquarie so he has had plenty of time to train in race conditions over the past month. Having sailors such as Beasho at this event is what makes the Zhik Moth Worlds so unique providing such a range of sailing talent from all sectors of the sailing world.

Charlie McKee (USA) Mach 2
The Double Olympic Medalist and US Sailing legend has been a huge promoter of the Moth class in the US over the past few years. Like A-Mac, Charlie is sure to come to Belmont with a few tricks up his sleeve to keep the young “whipper snappers” in check.

Other sailors who will feature include British Skiff champ, Andy Budgen in his bright yellow machine, IMAC President and former Singapore Sailing High Performance Manager Mark Robinson, Dave Lister from Sydney and Iain Jensen who is Nathan Outteridge’s crew on the 49er.

Japanese National Champion (and Zhik Japan CEO), Hiroki Goto is leading the charge from Tokyo along with long time America’s Cup Trimmer Tatsu Wakinaga who will be competing in his first Moth World championship.

In the Women’s division, we will see some great competition amongst a bunch of talented women sailors including Haylee Outteridge, Samantha England, Emma Spiers, Kerstin Sommer and Emma Aspington from Sweden. Hopefully these talented sailors encourage a larger group of women to join the Moth Class.

Emma Spiers points out that the girls need to love the boats because there is not much else too attractive in the boat park!

The Pre Worlds for the Zhik Australian Moth Championship will be raced this week on 5-6 January with the first race of the Zhik Moth Worlds kicking off on 8 January.


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1 Tom Anderson AUS 3633 WSC
2 Bruce Gault 3089 St Geroge
3 Andrew McDougall AUS 2 Black Rock YC
4 Ryan Kelly AUS 3128 Adelaide Sailing Club, Wallaroo Sailing Club,
5 Shigemi Matsumoto AUS 3173 St. George Sailing Club
6 Bruce McLeod AUS 3178 St. George Sailing Club
7 Nicholas Dallen AUS 3209 CYCA
8 Julian Salter AUS 3232 Royal Yacht club of Tasmania
9 Stephen Donovan AUS 3260 St George SC
10 Richard Jackson AUS 3271 Mount Martha
11 Leigh Dunstan AUS 3288 Mornington Yacht Club
12 Kerstin Sommer AUS 3300 South of Perth Yacht Club
13 Haylee Outteridge AUS 3315 Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
14 Andrew Coxall AUS 3316 St George SC
15 Lochlin Byrne AUS 3379 BRYC
16 Brent  PEARSON AUS 3420 Keppel Bay Sailing Club
17 James Owen-Smith AUS 3464 DBYC
18 Robert  PEARSON AUS 3520 Keppel Bay Sailing Club
19 Angus Rankin AUS 3572 RQYS
20 Colin Spence AUS 3573 South of Perth Yacht Club
21 Christopher Dey AUS 3574 Abbotsford 12' Flying Squadron
22 Glen Oldfield AUS 3579 South of Perth YC
23 John Genders AUS 3580 RYCT
24 Matt Crockett AUS 3582 LMYC
25 Toby Whittle AUS 3584 South Lake Maquarie A S C
26 Matt Day AUS 3610 WSC
27 John Harris AUS 3634 A18L, WSC
28 Steven Sherring AUS 3636 Southport Yacht Club
29 Adam Beashel AUS 3638 SLMASC
30 Joe  Turner AUS 3639 Manly 16ft Skiff
31 Euan Mcnicol AUS 3641 Aust 18' League
32 Jon Emonson AUS 3652 Merricks Yacht Club
33 Phil Stevenson AUS 3653 StGeorge SC
34 Bill Olsen AUS 3654 stgeorge
35 Alan Goddard AUS 3655 Balmoral Sailing Club
36 Luka Damic AUS 3656 St George S.C.
37 David Lister AUS 3657 St George
38 Clive Watts AUS 3658 St Geo
39 Scott  Beeby AUS 3676 NCYC
40 Brent Frankcombe AUS 3685 Mornington
41 Phil Smith AUS 3687 S.of P.Y.C.
42 Robert Green AUS 3689 Darling Point Sailing Squadron
43 Mark Robinson AUS 3700 CYCA
44 Iain Jensen AUS 3709 belmont 16ft skiff SC
45 Jack Sherring AUS 3717 Southport Yacht Club
46 Phil Kurts AUS 3719 Woollahra Sailing Club
47 Rob Gough AUS 3731 RYCT
48 Rob Sangster AUS 3738 WSC
49 Nathan Outteridge AUS 3750 Belmont 16's, RSYS, WSC
50 Simon Liddington AUS 3767 Woollahra Sailing CLub
51 Emma  Spiers AUS 3770 Woollahra Sailing Club
52 Benjamin  Rankine AUS 3772 Tinaroo Sailing Club
53 Samantha  England AUS 3775 BYS, MYC
54 Joshua Mcknight AUS 3776 Manly 16ft skiff club
55 Ben Crocker AUS 3777 WSC
56 Chris Dixon AUS 3779 St George SC
57 Will Logan AUS 3781 RYCT
58 Warren Sare AUS 3783 Woollahra Sailing Club
59 Ben Newling AUS 3784 WSC
60 Tom  Slingsby AUS 3786 Gosford sailing club
61 Jeremy Wilmot AUS 3800 Middle Harbour 16ft's, SMCMSA
62 John Ilett AUS 3841 SoPYC
63 Scott Babbage AUS 7 WSC
64 Andrew Sim AUS 8851 BSC/NSC
65 John McAteer AUS 9233 SMSC / NSC
66 Ian Sim AUS 9256 BSC/NSC
67 Nick Flutter AUS 9260 Rqys
68 Richard Heritage AUS 9277 SoPYC
69 Les Thorpe AUS 9318 BYRA
70 Andrew Stevenson AUS 9332 St George
71 Mark Hughes AUS 9336 Southport Yacht Club
72 Greg Wise AUS 9346 Adelaide Sailing Club
73 Stuart Pollard AUS 9360 wsc/rsys
74 Ned Dally AUS 9365 Adelaide Sailing Club
75 Dirk Weiblen CHN 3637 Shanghai BYC
76 Simon Payne GBR 1 Hayling Island
77 Graham Simmonds GBR 3605 Hayling Island Sailing Club
78 James Phare GBR 3713 Queen Mary Sailing Club
79 Jason Russell GBR 3715 Hayling Island Sailing Club
80 Ben Paton GBR 3757 Royal Lymington YC
81 Andrew Budgen GBR 3769 WSC
82 Michael Lennon GBR 8 Hayling Island SC
83 Jens Schoenberg GER 3295 SCR
84 Gerold Pauler GER 3578 SLRV
85 Michael O'Shea IRL 3771 WSC
86 Hiromitsu Kunimi JPN 3706 Keio Med. Sailing Team
87 Hiroki Goto JPN 3707 Hayama YC
88 Tatsuya Wakinaga JPN 3735 Hayama Fleet
89 Peter Burling NZL 3773 Tauranga
90 Matt Vincent NZL 3774 Auckland Sailing Club
91 James Cole SIN 3711 Changi Sailing Club
92 Fabien Froesch SUI 3622 SNG
93 Mikis Psarofaghis SUI 3623 SNG
94 Philip Käsermann SUI 3729 SNG
95 Patrick Ruf SUI 3797 YCA
96 Arnaud Psarofaghis SUI 4 SNG
97 Martin Gravare SWE 3666 GKSS
98 Peder Arvefors SWE 3792 brass
99 Emma Aspington TBA KSSS
100 Peter Barton TBA Royal Lymington
101 Magnus Gravare TBA GKSS
102 Martin Johnson TBA Woollahra SC
103 James Mackenzie TBA St Geroge
104 Kyle Ross TBA McCrae YC
105 Philipe Schiller TBA  
106 Lea Sitja TBA Woollahra Sailing Club
107 Brad Funk USA 3  
108 Lindsay Bergan USA 3592 Seattle YC
109 Matt Knowles USA 3596 Ida Lewis Yacht Club
110 George  Peet USA 3615 Bayview Yacht Club
111 Adam Lowry USA 3733 St Francis Yacht Club
112 Charlie McKee USA 3787 Coronado Yacht Club
113 Christopher Rast USA 3803 SWYC/RCO/TYC
114 Dalton Bergan USA 5 Seattle YC
115 Bora Gulari USA 6 Bayview Yacht Club
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