Little America's Cup heading for the UK

James Boyd Photography /
INternational C-Class troops starting to mass - Norman Wijker tells us of Invictus Challenge's campaign for 2013
With the America’s Cup going wingsail catamaran, so the number of ‘wingnuts’ has dramatically increased over the last months. At the more modest end of the sailing pantheon, this seems to be on the verge of taking place too in the C-Class with the return of the Little America’s Cup to European shores for the first time since 1970, with the next event due to be held in the UK in 2013. Britain's Invictus Challenge are on the hunt as ever for sponsorship, but have a possible hook up with Dutch A-Class catamaran manufacturers, DNA, who may also be looking to field a team, while BAN the Spanish A-cat builder is also said to be sniffing around. In France Benjamin Muyl has bought the ancient Patient Lady VI, which he sailed last year in Newport, while Alain Thebault of L’Hydroptère fame is believed to be teaming up with Jeremie Lagarrigue, who was with Muyl, Antoine Koch and the Patient Lady team in Newport last year. Welcome news is that there is another group from Australia, holders of the Little America's CUp from 1985 to 1996, which are trying to get a team together. Sadly the move to a similar, scaled-up version in the America’s Cup doesn’t seem to be having much beneficial effect on the C-Class other than, we understand, one of the members of Vincenzo Onorato’s impressively silent Mascalzone Latino team showing interest. Obviously there is some distance between 'interest' and pitching up with a kickin' 25ft long solid wingsail catamaran in the UK in just over two year’s time, but generally it indicates a ground swell in sailing’s most aerodynamically efficient class. The British Invictus Challenge, having competed in two of the last three Little America’s Cups, is attempting to mount a more heavyweight campaign this time in order to put on a