The return of Eurolymp

With Europe to get just two Sailing World Cup events from 2012

Thursday June 2nd 2011, Author: John Friend, Location: none selected

On 30 May, EUROSAF announced plans to bring back the Eurolymp Sailing Circuit (EUROLYMP) from 2012/3, following the decision of ISAF to limit the number of Sailing World Cup Events in each Continent to one per annum, with Europe being granted two for the period 2012 –2016.

Discussions have been initiated with a number of event organisers around Europe and a meeting of all interested parties is to be organised in the coming six weeks, under the chairmanship of EUROSAF, at which more detailed discussions will take place. An open letter from the EUROSAF President has been sent to all European MNAs to inform them of this initiative.

EUROSAF (and before then the European Union Sailing Association - EUSA) arranged EUROLYMP from 1985 to 2004. These events, which proved to be very popular with the sailors, were based on a very high level of cooperation between EUROSAF and Regatta Organisers around Europe.

When Europe was allocated five ISAF World Cup Sailing events, incorporating Palma, Hyeres, Medemblik, Kiel and Weymouth & Portland, the need for EUROLYMP lessened, so EUROSAF decided to put the circuit on hold, although one or two of the regattas continue even today.

Dan Ibsen, Chairman of the EUROSAF Events Committee, said “now it seems the time is right to recommence EUROLYMP in order to secure a reasonable choice of regattas for elite and talented sailors, in Olympic classes, beyond 2012”.

This new series is expected to commence in 2013 at the latest, when ISAF reduce the number of Sailing World Cup in Europe, but there is a possibility the series could commence in 2012, if the right level of support is available and in place.

Marco Predieri, President of EUROSAF added: “It is possible the new EUROLYMP series could become a qualifier for the ISAF Sailing World Cup and EUROSAF has initiated discussions with ISAF concerning this. This should help to ensure the success of both the ISAF World Sailing Cup and the new EUROLYMP. This is an exciting time for EUROSAF and through this initiative we intend to secure a strong position for European sailing and regatta organisers."

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