Syz & Co Speed Week

New event starts tomorrow on Lake Geneva

Wednesday October 5th 2011, Author: Sandra Mudronja, Location: Switzerland

The Syz & Co Speed Week begins tomorrow at the Société Nautique de Genève in Switzerland.

Organised by the Cercle de la Voile in collaboration with the Bank Syz & Co, the event will feature a new challenge on Lake Geneva: speed runs over a 500m course, typically used for short course speed records in the eyes of the World Sailing Speed Record Council.

The organisers will also open the competition to kiteboards and windsurfers. Will experimental 'boats' such as L'Hydroptère and the Syz & Co foiler also take part in the competition? In any case, the foiling Moths, the kiteboards, and a number of other prototypes have already confirmed their participation.

With wind forecast, a finish line only a few meters from the shore, the event will be an interesting show viewed from the Northern pier of the Société Nautique. Everything has been arranged to make the event visible to all. Over the weekend, the journalist François Egger will give the spectators explanations and comments directly from the pier.

To enable the aficionados to follow the event even from their office or from home, remote tracking (map-my-track) of the runs will be available. Competitors in possession of a smartphone can configure their device so that their attempts can be followed on the web as well as on the giant screen in the SNG.

The Syz & Co Speed Week will reward the three best times in two separate categories: a) boats, prototypes and foilers and b) kiteboards and windsurfers.

Thursday 6 October : 1pm – 6pm (one 90 minute speed run session)
Friday 7 October : 10am – 6 pm (two 90 minutes speed run sessions)
Saturday 8 October : 10 am – 6 pm (four 90 minutes speed run sessions)
Sunday 9 October : 10am – 4 pm (three 90 minutes speed run sessions)

The number of sessions might change depending on weather conditions.

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