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Mirabaud LX back into the shed

Thomas Jundt to test a new high aspect foil

Wednesday October 3rd 2012, Author: Bernard Schopfer, Location: Switzerland

Having won the Double de Versoix, the Club Nautique de Versoix autumn classic on 22 September, Mirabaud LX is planning a final sailing session during October to test a new foil ahead of next year.

The ‘Double’ marked the end of the racing season for the foiler and was a high point for the team.

“It is always great to see the little foiler beat the Lake giants,” said Thomas Jundt, who wasn’t on board this time round. Antoine Ravonel and Philippe Barraud took the boat out to defeat the 130-strong fleet. “The team sailed with the soft sail this time as the wing is difficult to manage with just two people, particularly during the start and the finish,” said Jundt.

Before the boat goes into the shed for the winter, the project owner is planning to run a series of tests on a new foil concept for next year. “The appendage we are going to test is 2.4m wide, it is very thin and will reduce the drag significantly and the system that we developed last year means that we can trim the horizontal part of the foil. We have tried this particular one at the back, and it was very successful, but we still need to test it in the centre of the boat to see whether it can withstand the mechanical stresses that are almost impossible to calculate.”

Once these last tests are completed, the configuration of the 2013 version of Mirabaud LX will be finalised and the foiler, sponsored by Mirabaud, will continue its campaign to race the Lake classics and set new records next season. The new boat will encompass four years worth of development.

Mirabaud LX is constantly evolving,” said Jundt. “It is probably time to build a new boat that integrates everything that we have learnt. We haven’t made the final decision, but next season will be geared towards the development of a new foiler.”

Thomas Jundt and his team have finished the 2012 season on a high after some good results that include a second place in the Geneva-Rolle-Geneva and a 1st place in the ‘Double’. The team has been together for 20 years and continues to be driven by a passion for the project.

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