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Introducing the radical looking mxNext dinghy

Friday April 26th 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: United States

mxNext, the next generation of super fast, super fun skiffs, was launched in Marblehead, Massachusetts and immediately performed beyond expectations. The boat, designed with the same innovation and styling as SpeedDream27, was test sailed over two weekends and the consensus among those that got a ride was that the future of small boat sailing has arrived.

“It was a lot of fun to sail,” said Bill Lynn, one of North Americas top sailors. “It was fast, easy to handle, definitely athletic, but once I got the spinnaker up it was like it was on rails going downwind. The mxNext really does have a future. This is an awesome boat.”

The mxNext was designed by SpeedDream’s Vlad Murnikov in a collaborative effort with Rodger Martin and Ross Weene of Rodger Martin Yacht Design. “From a designers point of view it was great to see some of Newport's top Moth, A-Class cat, Laser and 420 sailors almost babble with excitement and approval after sailing the boat,” said Rodger Martin.

Almost two decades ago Vlad Murnikov introduced the mxRay, the first singlehanded skiff to carry an asymmetrical spinnaker. The boat was well ahead of its time in terms of innovation and performance. The mxNext is a modern advancement of the same creative ideas. Where the mxRay was fiberglass, mxNext is carbon. Longer, beamier and carrying significantly more sail area than the mxRay, mxNext is poised to be as revolutionary as it’s predecessor.

“I am really thrilled with the boat,” said Vlad Murnikov after the initial sail trials. “Watching it sail in a variety of different conditions it’s clear that the boat performs as anticipated, perhaps even better than anticipated. It seems easy to handle, but until we have had the boat out in a strong breeze I do not want say definitively that it’s an easy boat to handle.

"I agree that the boat is athletic to sail, but over time I am confident that it will be easy to master.”

mxNext is manufactured in New Hampshire by Mark LeBlanc of International MX Composites. LeBlanc was the original builder of the mxRay.



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