Patience-Glanfield into the lead

Qualifying rounds conclude for the Olympic classes at Kieler Woche

Tuesday June 25th 2013, Author: James Boyd, Location: Germany

One day prior to the finals at the Kieler Woche in the Olympic disciplines, Germany can already celebrate its first winner at the European Champions Sailing Cup (ECSC). Paralympics sailor Heiko Kroeger from Ammersbek cannot be displaced from first place in the 2.4mR despite there being two races outstanding. But in the eight other Olympic classes, it looks set to go to the wire with the top three positions still wide open.

The 49erFX is going into an all-German and Australian final round with a double German presence. Victoria Jurczok/Anika Lorenz have the are first in front of Tina Lutz/Susann Beucke. As ever in the EUROSAF series, it is the position rather than points that get counted in the finals. Anika Lorenz is naturally very happy about the performance so far: "We have a strong German group. The British and Danish are also good, but missing here. The next week, all top nations will meet at the Europeans in Denmark."

The German 49er men are starting the run for the medals from rank two and five. The bronze winners from the previous year Welfare/Thomas Ploessel had to hand over the lead position to Pavel Kostov/Petar Cupac from Croatia, but all still have chances.

Silver medallist at London 2012 Luke Patience and Joe Glanfield have taken the lead in the 470 Men. In the Finn, Mark Andrews holds all the cards and looks set to take home gold. In the mixed Nacra 17 catamaran Australians Jason Waterhouse/Lisa Darmanin are leading the six teams.

With a strong last day in the qualifying round, Annina Wagner/Elisabeth Panuschka in the 470 Women have made it into the finals while coming from scoring a silver medal at the Europeans, Austrians Lara Vadlau/Jolanta Ogar are aiming for victory.

In Lasers, Philipp Buhl is in third position, with two-time Olympic gold medallist Robert Scheidt right in front of him while Jesper Stahlheim from Sweden has made it to the front of the fleet. In the Radials Franziska Goltz's performance was surprisingly strong. The sports student decided not to do another Olympic campaign for 2016 but has sailed easily into third position. She is chasing Tuula Tenkanen and three-time Kiel Week winner Paige Railey ahead of her.


2.4mR: (12) 1. Heiko KRÖGER (Ammersbek,1(3)1/1/1/1/1/1/2/1/1/1) Punkte 15; 2. Barend KOL (NED,2/1/5/2/3/6(8)5/8/5/2/2)49; 3. Lasse KLÖTZING (Berlin,5(8)4/3/5/3/4/2/1/7/4/3)49; 4. Henrik Johnsson (SWE,(24)5/2/6/6/5/2/3/10/3/3/4)73; 5. Per AHRBOM (SWE,4/6/3/4/2/7/5(10)4/2/5/9)61; 6. Christoph TRÖMER (Horneburg,7/4/8/7/8/2/3/4/6/4(12)7)72;

49er: (Finales Tag 2) 1. Nico Luca Marc Delle Karth / Nikolaus Leopold Resch (AUT,1(17)12/1/4/1/5/13/3) Punkte 40; 2. Erik Heil / Thomas Plößel (Kiel,2/2/4/10/1/19(20)3/2)43; 3. Pavle Kostov / Petar Cupac (CRO,3/3/6/3/10/9/2(14)7)43; 4. Will Phillips / Rhys MARA (AUS,4/8/10(20)13/6/1/1/4)47; 5. Justus Schmidt / Max Boehme (Kiel,9/12/3(23)6/4/7/9/22)72; 6. Ryan Seaton / Matthew Mcgovern (IRL,13(26)7/8/14/8/4/5/13)72; 7. Lukasz Przybytek / Pawel Kolodzinski (POL,6(20)15/4/12/13/16/2/5)73; 8. Carl P Sylvan / Otto Hamel (SWE,12/13/18/11/2(21)11/12/6)85;

49er FX: (Finales Tag 2) 1. Victoria Jurczok / Anika Lorenz (Kiel,1/3/2/1/4/1(9)9/2) Punkte 23; 2. Tina Lutz / Susann Beucke (Bergen,2/2/1/2/6(7)4/1/5)23; 3. Tessa PARKINSON / Chelsea HALL (AUS,3/1/3/8/1(9)2/4/3)25; 4. Olivia Price / Caitlin Elks (AUS,5/4/7/6/2/3/5/3(8))35; 5. Leonie Meyer / Hahlbrock Maren (Kiel,6/5/5/3/10/5(11)5/1)40; 6. Haylee Outteridge / Nina Curtis (AUS,8/8(11)5/9/6/6/2/4)48; 7. Maria Cantero / Ana Hernandez (ESP,9/9/6/4/5/2/7/6(13))48; 8. Jule Görge / Lotta Görge (Kiel,4/6/8/7(11)8/10/8/6)57;

Nacra 17: (Finales Tag 2) 1. Jason WATERHOUSE / Lisa DARMANIN (AUS,1(17)9/1/4/2/3) Punkte 20; 2. Iker MARTINEZ / Tara PACHECO (ESP,4(11)6/2/1/6/6)25; 3. Thomas ZAJAC / Frank TANJA CHIARA (AUT,2/1/12(28)3/9/2)29; 4. Gemma JONES / Jason SAUNDERS (NZL,3/2(28)11/8/1/5)30; 5. Matias BÜHLER / Brugger Nathalie (ESP,7/3(14)5/2/10/4)31; 6. Tim SHUWALOW / Hanna KLINGA (SWE,9/8/1/3/10(12)1)32;

Finn: (Finales Tag 2) 1. ANDREWS Mark (GBR,1/3(8)1/3/1/1) Punkte 10; 2. Piotr KULA (POL,7/2/5(17)1/2/5)22; 3. Deniss KARPAK (EST,6(19)3/6/2/3/2)22; 4. Andrew MILLS (GBR,2/1/4/7(11)4/8)26; 5. Greg DOUGLAS (CAN,4/5(17)11/8/7/7)42; 6. Tomas VIKA (CZE,17/7/2(10)7/8/3)44;

470 M: (Finales Tag 2) 1. Luke PATIENCE / Joe GLANFIELD (GBR,6/1/2/2/2/4(9)) Punkte 17; 2. Anton DAHLBERG / Fredrik BERGSTRÖM (SWE,2/6/1/1/1(21)7)18; 3. Matthias SCHMID / Florian REICHSTÄDTER (AUT,1/15(23)20/4/2/1)43; 4. Nick ROGERS / Elliot WILLIS (GBR,24/2/8(10)8/1/2)45; 5. Liangdao WENG / Qiaowen LIN (CHN,14/5/10(15)12/5/3)49; 6. Hugo FEYDIT / Charlie AGENEAU (FRA,7(16)11/13/5/9/5)50;

470 W: (Finales Tag 2) 1. Lara VADLAU / Jolanta OGAR (AUT,5/6(7)1/2/1/2) Punkte 17; 2. Afrodite KYRANAKOU / Anneloes van VEEN (NED,2/4/1/4/5(6)3)19; 3. Agnieszka SKRZYPULEC / Natalia WOJCIK (POL,3(10)9/2/3/3/1)21; 4. Sophie WEGUELIN / Eilidh MCINTYRE (GBR,1/5/3/5/7/5(9))26; 5. Anna BURNET / Flora STEWART (GBR,7/1(11)9/4/4/4)29; 6. Annina WAGNER / Elisabeth PANUSCHKA (Berlin,4/13(17)3/1/2/7)30;

Laser Standard: (Finales Tag 2) 1. Jesper Stålheim (SWE,4/3(9)1/2/3/5) Punkte 18; 2. Robert SCHEIDT (BRA,1/4/4/6/3(19)1)19; 3. Philipp BUHL (Sonthofen,3/8/3(14)6/5/2)27; 4. Ashley James BRUNNING (AUS,2/2/5(12)11/9/7)36; 5. Karl-Martin RAMMO (EST,7(19)7/16/4/1/3)38; 6. Bruno FONTES (BRA,8/1/10(13)1/13/6)39;

Laser RAD.: (Finales Tag 2) 1. Tuula TENKANEN (FIN,1(17)4/1/2/1/1) Punkte 10; 2. Paige RAILEY (USA,3/3/6/2(24)7/4)25; 3. Franziska GOLTZ (Kiel,6(13)5/4/1/6/3)25; 4. Tatiana DROZDOVSKAYA (BLR,2/11/2/10(19)5/2)32; 5. Josefin OLSSON (SWE,5/7/1/11/3(18)7)34; 6. Viktorija ANDRULYTE (LTU,10/4/3(23)8/15/6)46;


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