C-Class teams revving engines

Photo: Nicolas Felix
Latest news, while with racing due to start tomorrow, we look at Invictus Challenge, Team Cascais and Challenge France
A warm, but overcast day on Falmouth’s Carrick Roads, 24 hours out from the start of the International C-Class Catamaran Championship (ICCCC), which kicks off with three fleet races, the first scheduled to get underway at 1100 BST. Most of the teams have been out on the water at some point today. Team Canada decided not to go, awaiting for Fred Eaton's crew, Magnus Clarke, to recover from his fight on Thursday with Fill Your Hands' dolphin striker – after coming off the foils suddenly, Clarke swung forward on his trapeze and ended up under the boat where his leg received a deep gash from the carbon fibre strop going around the dolphin striker. He ended up being whisked off to hospital nearby where he received seven stitches. Rob Greenhalgh, who is helping the team out here, stood in for Clarke during training yesterday, but Clarke is expected to be on the boat with Fred Eaton for racing tomorrow, this dynamic duo having won the two previous ICCCC.   While no stitches were involved, Mr Little