Groupama3 ended their Jules Verne in wonderful style! A terrific little party after crossing the finish late Saturday, while moored off Camaret in the dark and rain:

"A bit too late to enjoy the nightlife in Brest. No matter! It was in the 'Sports Bar' intimacy within Groupama 3, wet off Ouessant (an exceptional wetness?) while waiting for sunrise, that Franck Cammas' team partook of their first excesses." (V&V)

Here's the menu (courtesy of Ravussin's home-town paper):

"... the victors took the opportunity to rebuild their strength on board. As Franck Cammas mentioned when they came ashore: "We ate scampi, oysters, sushi, fresh fruit, a little wine, some beer, soft drinks, water with and without gas. In any case we were too excited to sleep."

(no mention of Stan Honey's reserve of Lagavulin having lasted to this point, a minor defect in the routing & logistics?)

After those 48 days wasn't it remarkable to then stay up all night! Perhaps it contributed slightly to some signs of fatigue, also mentioned in V&V:
"Une énorme fatigue se lit sur le visage de tous ; Stève Ravussin et Loïc Le Mignon sont particulièrement marqués... Mais leur bonheur est manifestement immense."

It should be called an unbeatable accomplishment, even if it - some day - might get beat.

Notable also where V&V marvels at the unscathed condition of the boat, after her 28,523(!) miles of exertion. And attributes the record time primarily to the lightness of Groupama 3 - and what is it, 10 tons lighter than Orange 2?

"As to the source of their accomplishment, it is contained in one word: "Lé-ge-re-té".... Groupama 3 was thanks to this lightness able to constantly maintain high speeds. So the orange and green trimaran had altogether only three days of less than 300 nm, versus six for Orange 2 in 2005"