BT Global Challenge - 13th September 2000

LG FLATRON leads, milk or no milk
Into Wednesday morning, and LG FLATRON have continued to lead the fleet out into the Atlantic. They have a narrow margin of eight miles from second placed Spirit of Hong Kong, with Quadstone seven behind her and Compaq just a mile further back. But in the longer term game the interesting move is the split into two packs - north and south. The most northerly boats are BP and Isle of Man - the rest of the fleet is now converging onto the low road, led by LG FLATRON. The breeze has just shifted round to the south-west from a low pressure system and front coming in from the Atlantic. That's pushing aside the high pressure centred over the Bay of Biscay that's been keeping the wind light. The weather buoys out in the Atlantic are already showing this change, with the wind forecast to increase through today and perhaps be a little stronger in the north. It's also expected to veer to the north-west after the front passes. But the biggest worry on-board the leading boat seems to be the milk. Having run out of the fresh stuff packed in Southampton, a search for the three bags of powdered milk drew a blank. Liz Hurst is responsible for the food aboard and reported, "I don't know what happened to the milk powder. It looks as though we are about to start 17 days without milk. "Daypacks for food have been on the boat for two weeks. The routine was to leave things by the front door of the crew house to go to the boat every morning. When they disappeared I assumed that they went to the boat. I am not sure where the milk is now but I suspect that it went from the front door to the dressing table