Olympic Race Schedule

All the timings for the next two weeks of action on the water in Sydney
The Olympic sailing events start on Sunday the 17th September with the Mistral, Tornado and Soling classes. The 49ers join the action on Monday. Due to the time difference results will be available here from the early morning of the 17th and will be updated with news and pictures from the circuits. The chart below shows the race days for the classes. Except for the Soling, the events are normal fleet racing with each class sailing over six days with two or three reserve days. The Soling starts with three days of fleet racing then changes to a round robin format for the match racing part of their series, where they race boat on boat, and then a final knockout series to decide the medal winners. Each event is an eleven race series except for the Soling and the 49er, which is a 16 race series. Scoring is on a one point per position basis i.e. first place finisher gets one point, second place gets two points and so on. A boat failing to finish gets one more point than the number of boats entered to race. After five races are completed the worst scoring race is discarded. After nine races the two worst races are discarded. The winner is the boat with the lowest accumulated score at the end of the series. There are two main areas for the race courses. Four courses are available within Sydney Harbour and two are offshore, adjacent to the headlands at the harbour entrance. Up to five of the courses can be used at any one time. The 49er and Tornado classes will be using windward-return courses allowing them to maximize their high speed reaching and gybing techniques. The other classes can use either the windward-return course or more likely the trapezoidal, four-leg