Ian Walker's Olympic Diary - 13th September

Ian Walker's recovered from his cold, and phoned with an update on his preparations in Sydney, writes Mark Chisnell
Ian Walker's last diary had him struggling with a cold, but we're happy to report that he's now recovered and has been back out on the water. Ian didn't have time to write today, but he phoned madforsailing.com to provide a quick update. Ian managed to time his illness just about perfectly, leaving Mark Covell to sort out the measurement problem, while he took to his sickbed. The rest put him back on his feet pretty quickly, and with the Star past final measurement they were out on the water again on Wednesday, sailing some training races. Ian also reported that all the British boats were now through measurement. The opening ceremony is on Friday, 15th September, and the first classes start racing on the 17th, that's the Mistral, Tornado and Soling. The Star and Finn classes are the last to begin on the 23rd. That means there's plenty of opportunity for more sailing, but Ian tells us that they will be restricted on the courses they can use after the other classes start racing, but they should still be able to get some time in on the water. Ian also told us that the weather has improved for the better. The pattern of westerly wind and gales - blowing off 3,000 miles of land and about as shifty as it gets - has ended, and the air warmed up. That's produced a run of sea breezes over the last couple of days. The sea breeze blows from the north-east, either through the entrance to the harbour or over a much narrower section of land, depending on where you are sailing. Either way, it's a lot less shifty. There's definitely some nervousness about the conditions in the harbour. Madforsailing.com spoke to Chris Mason after he had returned from Sydney, where