BT Global Challenge - Leg 1 - 15th September

Conrad Humphreys writes from LG FLATRON
LG FLATRON have slipped from the lead, and our diary writer, skipper Conrad Humphreys, ponders his options. Conrad Humphreys, Skipper LG FLATRON, Friday, 15th September, 2000. "Suddenly life feels good, we have had a temporary reprieve, with a cool north-easterly finding us at the eleventh hour. It was in the nick of time before we slipped out the back door. There is nothing worse than sitting here in the south knowing that Spirit of Hong Kong, Isle of Man and BP are all enjoying fresher breeze in the north. Sitting here in the communications suite is pretty interesting at 30 degrees. I'm surrounded by a toast rack of bodies all snoring in various styles and rhythms. These are my guys, all having a well earned rest, after a tense few hours trying everything to get LG FLATRON back up to the north. If good teams are built on trust and commitment, then I have a team that sets a benchmark. Never do they give up, always trying to find more speed, and the relentless humour and banter is still second to none. Just one missing ingredient is Tiger Tim, the man who's the hub of Team LG FLATRON. Tiger is a man who can bring out a smile in anyone, whether you're three or a hundred and three. He's a charmer, a real ladies man and one of the boys all rolled into one. His spirit is here with LG FLATRON, and we're looking forward to him joining us in Boston. I just checked the latest weather faxes from Offenbach (weather forecasting station) and just why we have this last minute reprieve of fresh north-east winds has become clear. The cut-off low pressure to the south is influencing our current wind. The bad news is that I can't see it