Ian Walker - a madforsailing profile

The man with two silver medals
Where were you born? Worcester. What’s your date of birth? 25th February 1970. What age did you start sailing? Eight. What was your first regatta win? The Mirror Points series crewing for my sister at Chipstead SC in Kent What’s your biggest championship win? Possibly the ISAF Double-handed Worlds in 470s in 1994. Any other notable regatta wins you’d like to mention? First in class in the Admiral's Cup Mumm 36, 1993 International 14 World Champion and 2 Olympic silver medals! Where did you grow up? Chipstead , Sevenoaks, Kent. What job do you do? Full-time sailor. If you weren’t doing the job you are, what would you be doing instead? Entrepreneur? What other sports do you do outside sailing? Golf, tennis, football and skiing. Any other hobbies or interests? Walking my dog! Favourite method of relaxing? A pint of beer and read the paper or a round of golf. Favourite bar or pub? Jim Thomson’s on New Kings Road, London. What inspired you to take up sailing? My sister and living near Chipstead Sailing Club. Where was your first sailing club? Chipstead SC. Which class did you first race in? Mirror and Firefly. How did you buy your first boat? My parents bought one for my sister and I. Have you ever used a coach? Yes more recently. Do you have any professional links to the sport? Yes, I coach, write articles and do tactics on keelboats. What’s your most memorable moment in sailing? I have so many. Maybe sailing down Sydney Harbour with the Union Jack flying after winning the silver medal. What’s your biggest remaining goal in sailing? To win the America’s Cup. How much time do you spend on the water each week? It depends. In an Olympic year over 50%. Do you have a sponsor, and if so, who? Yes, United Airlines. Who are your Sailing heroes and why? I don’t have any, but I respect many guys (and girls). What is the best excuse you’ve ever made for