Andy Green - a madforsailing profile

One of Britain's top match racers
Where were you born? London. What’s your date of birth? 28th February 1974. What age did you start sailing? 5 years old. What was your first regatta win? West Mersea Cadet Week, Optimist Gold Fleet 1984. What’s your biggest championship win? Colorcraft Bermuda Gold Cup 1999. Any other notable regatta wins you’d like to mention? Fifth in the 2000 World Match Race Championships. Where did you grow up? Sailing in West Mersea, Essex, until I was 15, then at Itchenor Sailing Club to the present day. What job do you do? I'm a professional sailor, but I was an account manager at a London advertising agency, clients included Ford and British Airways. If you weren’t doing the job you are, what would you be doing instead? Working in advertising. What other sports do you do outside sailing? Fives, table football, golf. Any other hobbies or interests? Travelling. Favourite method of relaxing? Playing cards. Favourite bar or pub? Thursday’s, Chichester. What inspired you to take up sailing? My Dad. Where was your first sailing club? The Dabchicks, West Mersea, Essex. Which class did you first race in? Squib Class. How did you buy your first boat? I bought a seventh hand Firefly from a mate, on the insistence of Tiggy Ansell at the Spinnaker Club. Have you ever used a coach? Yes. Do you have any professional links to the sport? Yes, I do it for a living. What’s your most memorable moment in sailing? Beating Russell Coutts. What’s your biggest remaining goal in sailing? To win the America's Cup with a British Team. How much time do you spend on the water each week? 32 weeks per year. Do you have a sponsor, and if so, who? Colorcraft, a Hong Kong and Bermuda based printing company. Who are your Sailing heroes and why? Peter Gilmour, for always getting it done himself. What is the best excuse you’ve ever made for a poor performance in a race? Too many to mention! What is the best excuse you’ve ever heard for a poor performance in a race, and from who? Can’t think