BT Global Challenge - Leg 2 - 31st October

madforsailing's diarist, Andy Magrath, finds a little more time to write after Saturday's 'Mother Watch'
madforsailing is following the BT Global Challenge through the diaries of Conrad Humphreys (skipper) and Andy Magrath (crew) aboard LG FLATRON. Andy Magrath LG FLATRON, Tuesday 31st October; 'The Mother Watch! What does it mean? Well, for my on-watch time over a 24 hour period I am responsible for the cooking and cleaning on the boat, along with one member of the other watch on the same deal. The day of reckoning for me was last Saturday. The first watch was midnight to 4am and my duties started with a thorough cleaning of both heads - yippee. It wasn't too bad, as the weather isn't too rough at the moment. When it's rough the heads get into a complete state! One thing worth remembering is that all of these jobs are done at a constant angle of heel of 26-30 degrees. After cleaning the heads there's bread to be made. This involves getting the bread powder, adding the correct amount of water, kneeding it until it looks like the right consistency, and then placing it in the oven. As a rule it turns out pretty well. And yesterday we even had cinnamon and raisins added to the bread mix. After cleaning up there is just enough time to prepare the off-watch drink bottles and make the guys on watch a cup of tea. Then a few hours kip before waking up at 07:30 - time to help out with breakfast. I have my porridge and then get ready to serve up the dish of the day to the opposite watch as they come down below. Then it's time to wash up all the breakfast dishes, pots and cutlery, before going onto the next job. This was preparing the snack of the day - cookies with cherries in. More of the adding