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The rule changes for next year have been announced

Thursday October 5th 2000, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
The IR 2000 Club (IRC) has had its regular end of season review and announced the rule changes for the coming year. The Rating Office views the changes as generally small, with the most significant relating to taking away the rating tax on the use of carbon fibre in sails; the rule's treatment of the new ISAF Advertising Code; relaxing the rules on headsail roach; and revising the rule on furling headsails. The full text of IRC 2001 is now available on the RORC Rating Office website, here are the changes in brief, we'll be bringing you the views of sailmakers, sailors and designers in due course ...

1. IRC is split into two alternative sections. Part 3, IRC-C, permits advertising on boats in accordance with the new ISAF Advertising Code. Part 5, IRC-A, permits no advertising on boats. Organising Authorities must select in the Notice of Race which Part applies.

2. Any headsail may now have some roach up to a permitted maximum half height width (HHW) of 55% of LP. The previous restriction limiting this to sails of LP less than 1.1*J has been removed.

3. The definition of an asymmetric spinnaker has been deleted as no longer necessary. The requirement however for the half height width to be not less than 75% of foot remains in place.

4. A boat may declare a lower maximum crew number when crew number minima are incorporated by a race committee.

5. The credit for carrying a single furling headsail becomes dual level. Boats with just one headsail plus a storm jib continue as previously. Boats also carrying a heavy weather jib will receive the credit at a reduced rate.

6. The rating tax for using sails containing carbon fibres is removed.

7. There are other detail changes related to administrative issues and to revisions to the ISAF Racing Rules Of Sailing and Equipment Rules Of Sailing. None of these has any immediate practical effect.

8. Owners are reminded that the correction applied to overhangs measured in sailing trim is no longer applied.

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