James Stagg - a madforsailing profile

A man who's spent a bit of time up the pointy end
Where were you born? Southampton. What’s your date of birth? 26th March 1970. What age did you start sailing? Age 6. What was your first regatta win? A Junior Mirror Event at Hamble River Sailing Club - I can't remember the name of it. What’s your biggest championship win? It's a relatively small event, but winning the Australia Cup (Match Racing) in 1997, meant a lot to me. Any other notable regatta wins you’d like to mention? First in the Mumm 36 class at the 1997 Admiral's Cup (Bradamante) and winning the Tour Voile 2000 (Barlo Plastics). Where did you grow up? Hamble. What job do you do? Up until ten months ago, I was a full-time sailor, I now work at Farr International UK. If you weren’t doing the job you are, what would you be doing instead? God knows! What other sports do you do outside sailing? None competitively. Any other hobbies or interests? A bad version of golf (on the John Merricks Trust Day). Favourite method of relaxing? Hot bath. Favourite pub or bar? The Turf Cutters in Boldre, New Forest. What inspired you to take up sailing? Initially I was pushed into sailing lessons with a friend of my parents, I lost interest immediately - but a year later I took it up again of my own free will! Where was your first sailing club? Hamble River Sailing Club. Which class did you first race in? Mirror. How did you buy your first boat? I used my Dad's, and then bought my own with paper round , birthday and Christmas money. Have you ever used a coach? Yes, more so for the match racing. Do you have any professional links to the sport? Yes, I work for Farr International UK. What’s your most memorable moment in sailing? A very hard question as there are loads - however, it was good beating the French at the Tour Voile. What’s your biggest remaining goal in sailing? To still be young enough to be in the winning