Paul Bayliss - a madforsailing profile

A mean dude in the RS600
Where were you born? London. What’s your date of birth? 8th May 1971. What age did you start sailing? About four in a Yachting World pram dinghy that my father built from a kit at home. What was your first regatta win? Byte National Championships in 1993. It was quite embarrassing because a mate of mine was doing the champs. But John Caig was taken ill, so he called me and asked if I wanted to use the boat, I was about two stone heavier than everybody else, and it blew 20 knots! What’s your biggest championship win? 1995 RS 600 Nationals - I had been getting beaten all year by some good sailors, and I went to Weymouth and won every race. I couldn’t put a foot wrong! Any other notable regatta wins you’d like to mention? Beating the Aussies in San Francisco in the International 14 Team Racing Worlds. We were pantsville, then in the last 200 yards an Aussie boat lost its rig, and Roddy Bridge took two other boats out in a demon manoeuvre. Where did you grow up? Godalming, near Guildford in Surrey. What job do you do? I work in the RYA Marketing Department. If you weren’t doing the job you are, what would you be doing instead? Travelling or bumming round the Caribbean or Australia. What other sports do you do outside sailing? I keep talking about doing another rugby season, but I’ve said that for 10 years! Any other hobbies or interests? I like exploring new places by land or sea. Favourite method of relaxing? Beer and good mates. Favourite bar or pub? Clarke's Bistro in Wickham, it’s the best place to eat or drink in the area and it's about a hundred yards from my front door. What inspired you to take up sailing? My parents - they now go all over the world in a