A big day in Trieste - a photo report, but it's worth the download ...
The Barcolana is one of those slightly crazy races that is tettering on the edge of control, as it has grown to involve hundreds of boats on a very short course. Sailed in Trieste, in Italy, at the beginning of October, photographer Max Ranchi was there and sent us these pictures, check out his website at: And as it's grown, winning has become even more important - Paul Cayard guest-starred this year. But the result really matters for Trieste locals like Vasco Vascotto, who just happens to have won the J24, J22, Sydney 40 and ILC 30 Worlds, amongst other titles. The rules allow pretty much anything to enter, and one-offs are now being built just for this single race ... ... Which this year, was held in 25 knots - gusting 60.