BT Global Challenge - Leg 2 - 23rd October's diary writer, Andy Magrath, has been a little under the weather recently
madforsailing is following the BT Global Challenge through the diaries of Conrad Humphreys (skipper) and Andy Magrath (crew) aboard LG FLATRON. Having skirted Hurricane Michael successfully, Andy's been feeling a little ropey ... Andy Magrath LG FLATRON, Monday 23rd October; 'It has been a while since I last wrote a diary entry, but this time I have a good excuse, in fact I have a sick note. It's fair to say that I have not been feeling the best. One thing is for sure, and that's the next time I am unwell on land, I'll remember how it feels to be unwell at sea and feel a lot better! I was pretty tired after the Boston stopover - too many late nights I guess - which wasn't the best start. And from about the third day I was exhausted, aching all over. Our onboard medic - Ginger - took a look down my throat and saw the dreaded white spots, so I went straight onto the antibiotics. The tiredness has now gone, which is great - but the infection has spread to my gums. The diagnosis is, 'Acute Ulcerative Gingivitis', I'm now on another lot of antibiotics plus a mouthwash. I can't actually chew food properly or swallow it, so I am on a noodles only diet. It's not that bad actually, there're loads of different flavours. But the moral of the story is not to get ill at sea if you can possibly help it, as you don't get off doing your watch - the skipper didn't take too kindly to my efforts to phone in sick. Not that I ever wanted to just lie in my bunk and dream of some proper rest and recuperation of course ... As for the sailing, we are in joint first place with Save the Children.