Mark Rushall - a madforsailing profile

The man who pocketed the 2000 1720 European Championship
Where were you born? Rugby. What’s your date of birth? 15th March 1958. What age did you start sailing? Age 9. What was your first regatta win? Mirror Nationals 1975. What’s your biggest championship win? 1720 Europeans 2000. Any other notable regatta wins you’d like to mention? Three Lark National Championship wins in the early 1990’s, and four British University Sailing Association team racing titles in the early 1980s. Where did you grow up? Rugby. What job do you do? Currently I'm Proctor Brand Manager for Seldén Masts, next month (November 2000) I start managing Hyde Sails new Hamble loft. If you weren’t doing the job you are, what would you be doing instead? Sailing or writing. Or sailing and writing. What other sports do you do outside sailing? Mountain biking and skiing. Any other hobbies or interests? Listening to the cricket. And the Archers of course. Favourite method of relaxing? Sailing our wooden cruising boat. Favourite bar or pub? The Sussex Brewery. The best sausages in the world. What inspired you to take up sailing? My Dad - his sport was cycling, he wanted to give us something we could love for life (he returned to cycling when he retired and still competes on wheels and in his Laser at the age of 72). Where was your first sailing club? Lockheed Sailing Club, a 14 acre canal feeder near Napton Junction. Which class did you first race in? Cadet. How did you buy your first boat? Dad said we could build a canoe if I learnt to swim. I never did so we built a Mirror instead. Have you ever used a coach? Only to get to the airport. Do you have any professional links to the sport? Only through making and selling sailing equipment. What’s your most memorable moment in sailing? Finishing second in the Fireball Worlds crewing for my wife, Liz. What would she have done with a proper crew? What’s your biggest remaining goal in sailing? To continue having fun. How much